Castor Residents Share Opinions About New Store

by Brad Dison

On March 5th, I published an article about the incoming Family Dollar/Dollar Tree combo store in Castor.  Since that time, the post has received a host of comments, most of which were positive.  I contacted several residents of Castor to get their opinions.  Most declined to comment publicly, but their comments were in favor of the new combo store with the caveat that they support small, local businesses.  Others agreed to speak to me on the record;

Amber Williams, teacher at Castor High School, said, “I’m straddling the fence. I definitely see the benefit in terms of jobs and low-cost household items; however, I am all pro small business. Matt does a lot for the Castor community, and I do not want to see any negative impact on The General Store.”

Matt McCoy, owner of The General Store of Castor, is remaining optimistic about the incoming Family Dollar/Dollar Tree combo store. Matt said, “We’re trying to keep a positive outlook on it. Some of my salesmen go through retail classes. They think that it may affect us a little bit on the grocery side and a little bit on the housewares side, but it will cause more retail pull to the area.” Matt said people might try to “kill two birds with one stone,” meaning they may stop at The General Store and get a couple of 2x4s and then go to the other store for whatever else they may need. However, some shoppers may find it more convenient to go to The General Store “to pick up a breaker for their house and then not feel like driving across the street and getting back out again. [They’ll] just get the milk while they’re here.” Matt said he has spoken to other general store owners, and they told him that their business increased with the opening of dollar stores in their areas. Matt said, “I’m trying to hope for the best.”

Here are just some of the comments the Journal has received about Castor’s incoming combo store:

  • “Yeap.  So thankful.  Thankful for a big business that when I forget my wallet at home and need a gallon of milk I have to turn around and go get it because they don’t give a crap who you are or what your going through all they want is your money.  So thankful that it could hurt the little man that helps this community out tremendously and could easily say no I want my money.  Yeap very thankful!!”
  • “I might never have to leave Castor, since I could telemedicine Dr. visits and get Rxs delivered.  Barring something serious, of course.  The world changes, we must change with it.  And I can order clothes and anything else online.”
  • “I love this.  Castor needs to thrive again with businesses.”
  • “Now we just need a fast food restaurant! :)”

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