Arcadia Hornets Baseball Team Defeated Lincoln Prep

The Arcadia High Baseball team hosted the Lincoln Prep Panthers Monday night at the Arcadia Baseball Complex. After a slow three innings, the Panthers scored 10 runs in the top of the 4th, leaving the Hornets behind 12-1 going into the bottom of the inning.

Undeterred, the Hornets stole bases repeatedly to work their way into scoring position. As a team, the Hornets slowly plucked away at the score. Defensively, the Hornets kept making crucial defensive plays and set the stage for an interesting final inning.

At the top of the 7th, the Hornets were down 14-13. The Panthers added only one run to the lead in the inning thanks to outstanding defensive plays by the Hornets, including some of their 8th graders. Darrell Sneed fielded a line drive to second and quickly rocketed the ball to First Baseman Joseph Salvaterra. Catcher J. Croney made the final out in the top of the inning by denying a Panther his attempt to steal home.

Knowing that the game was in reach, the Hornets picked their pitches carefully, working their way to a tie game. Suddenly the stage was set. Two outs, the winning run on third, and batter up. That batter was 8th grader Darrell “DJ” Sneed. In a scenario made for a movie, Sneed made just enough contact to get himself to first base and earned a crucial RBI by ensuring the pitcher and catcher could not stop Tyler Davis from scoring the winning run from third base. Final score: 15-16.

This win was indeed a team effort. The Hornets faced adversity and stared it down, refusing to give up. What a great way to kick off the season! Way to go, Hornets!

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