Library Offers Free Legal Forms

Louisiana is the only state divided into “parishes” and is the only state that continues to use the Napoleonic Code and Spanish legal traditions in its civil code. Because of that, we sometimes need very specific documents and you can find these documents online at! Click DATABASES and scroll down the right hand column until you see: GALE LEGAL FORMS: LOUISIANA. When you click this banner, you’ll find official, State Specific, Federal, Business, Personal, Real Estate and General forms covering hundreds of legal subjects and issues. These forms are for general purposes like “BILL OF SALE”, “RENTAL/LEASE AGREEMENT”, and “SIMPLE POWER OF ATTORNEY”.

PLEASE NOTE: You should consult an attorney if you have serious legal problems! To access this database and others, all you need is a Bienville Parish Library card. Come in and ask your neighborhood Bienville Parish Librarian how to access the online DATABASES!

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