BP Library is Connected to Over 400,000 Items in Louisiana Digital Library

DID YOU KNOW…. Your neighborhood Bienville Parish Library is connected to the LOUISIANA DIGITAL LIBRARY! The Louisiana Digital Library (LDL) is an online library of more than 400,000 digital items from Louisiana archives, libraries, museums, and other repositories, making unique historical treasures accessible to students, researchers, and the general public in Louisiana and across the globe! Open your favorite browser, navigate to: http://www.bienvillelibrary.org. Click DATABASES and scroll down the right column to: the Louisiana Digital Library.

The LDL and its hundreds of thousands of archives are as diverse and interesting as the people and places in Louisiana, with photographs, maps, manuscript materials, books, oral histories, and more documenting the state’s history and culture! It is the most fascinating database we’ve introduced in our “Did You Know” series! Even if you’re not a Louisiana history buff — you’ll find this database an incredible time machine to our past. A digitized glimpse into our past allows us to see just how far we’ve traveled and grown as a citizen of the state of Louisiana! Check it out soon! If you need help accessing this database — visit your neighborhood Bienville Parish Library and we’ll get you connected!