Saline Watermelon Festival Seeks Volunteers

The Saline Watermelon Festival committee is hoping to get enough volunteers to hold a Watermelon Festival this year.  

Social media coordinator Amy Caldwell Thompson said, “As most know, due to Covid restrictions last year there was not a Saline Watermelon Festival.  This year, there are still guidelines to follow but the possibility of a festival is here, but we need your help. We NEED volunteers to pull this festival off! We are a skeleton crew, operating a function that in other cities and towns takes DOZENS of people to do! We are a non-profit, always have been, none of us see a dime for the work we pull off for the festival and don’t expect it.

In the past few years we have had volunteers retire from their duties, and rightfully so, but without new volunteers to step in and take their place or fill in the gap.

We need you, the public, and the community to help us fill that gap, or unfortunately the festival cannot take place.  We need, at the very least, 20 volunteers signed up to take on the events and the demand of this festival by Tuesday, April 13, 2021 or there will not be a festival for 2021.

On Tuesday April 13th, we will meet at Magnolia Baptist Church in Saline at 7 pm and we hope to see you there.  If we as a community want this festival and the traditions it holds to continue, we need you!”