100 Years Ago in Bienville Parish – Dogs Track Thieves Who Robbed Gibsland Store

Sometime during the night of August 12, 1921, thieves gained entrance into C. Webb’s general store in Gibsland by smashing a pane of the plate glass show window.  Sheriff John Currie was notified of the break-in and requested that bloodhounds from Shreveport be brought to the general store. 

On  Wednesday morning, Sheriff Currie took the 9:00 am V, S&P (Vicksburg, Shreveport and Pacific) train from Arcadia to Gibsland.  The bloodhounds arrived in Gibsland at 10:15 am and were quickly taken to the general store.  The bloodhounds picked up the scent of the thieves immediately.  They led officers to a house where they “bayed” two local boys, Willis Brown and Leslie Pugh, both nineteen years old.  Deputies arrested the suspects and transported them to the parish jail in Arcadia on the V,S&P train.  A reporter asserted, “There is little doubt as to their guilt though they have not confessed.” 

Source: Bienville Democrat, April 14, 1921, p.1.  

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