Helen Robinson Appointed to Parish Library Board

On Wednesday, April 14th, during Bienville Parish Police Jury’s regular session, Ward 7 Police Juror Raymond Malone made the motion to appoint Mrs. Helen Robinson to the Library Board of Control.  The motion was unanimously approved and Mrs. Robinson was appointed to the Board.  The Bienville Parish Library Board of Control acts as the governing authority of the Library System.  

About Mrs. Robinson:  Helen Barmore Robinson grew up in Bienville Parish.  She graduated from LA Tech with a Bachelor’s degree in elementary education (pre-K-8th grade).  She is retired from Bienville Parish School Board (Saline High School).  She taught first grade for 16 years.  She then taught kindergarten and pre-K for the next 12 years.  She chose this career because of her love for children.

Mrs. Robinson said, “Of course, story time was my favorite. Sharing stories with the kids hopefully helped develop a love for reading.”

Mrs. Robinson has been married for 40 years. She has 3 children and 7 grandchildren.  They spend a lot of wonderful time together.  Her favorite pastimes are gardening and reading.

Mrs. Robinson will certainly be an asset to the Bienville Parish Library.