100 Years Ago in Bienville Parish – Sheriff and Town Marshal Pick Up Bootlegger

According to an April 21, 1921 article in the Bienville Democrat;

Sheriff Currie and Marshal J.W. Boddie made a clever catch Monday evening, between 6:00 and 7:00 o’clock, when they picked up Joe King, who gave the place of his residence as the Homer oil fields.  The sheriff and marshal were engaged in a conversation near the First National Bank corner when King drove up and parked his car on the east side of the street.  The marshal noticed that the car was not parked in accordance with the laws of the town, and informed the driver of the fact, and King drove his car across the street to the front of the City Drug.

Sheriff Currie and Marshal Boddie noticed some suspicious looking packages on the back seat of the Ford, and went across the street and asked King if he was a peddler.  He answered, at the same time making a hurried get away, this with the fact that he had a flat tire aroused further suspicion, and the officers secured an automobile and followed King.  After getting away from town, King’s partner left the scene of the activity and made his getaway in the woods.  King, however, stayed with the “boat,” unloading his booze with one hand and driving with the other, but only succeeded in throwing out two gallons, and when overtaken by the officers, had a little over three gallons left in the car.  He was placed in the parish jail to await trial.

He was arraigned before Mayor Barnette Tuesday morning and plead guilty to a charge of bootlegging, and was fined a $100.00 and 30 days.

King stated to the officers that he bought the whiskey from someone near Quitman, in Jackson Parish, and that he did not know his name nor had he ever seen him before.

Source:  Bienville Democrat, April 21, 1921, p.1.

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