Police Juror Responds to Lake Commission Concerns

by Brad Dison

On Saturday, June 19, I spoke with Michael Nelson, Police Juror of Ward 6, which includes all of Mill Creek Reservoir.  

Nelson said he was surprised by the comments made by Ann Garlington, president of the Mill Creek lake commission.  He said he was in constant contact with Garlington during her time on the lake commission.  Nelson said he has helped and would continue to help the lake commission as much as he could, and gave examples of how he has helped in the past.

Some of those examples included:

  • The Police Jury helped the lake commission lower the lake to control vegetation such as Salvinia.
  • The Police Jury helped the lake commission get a grant, which paid for the bathrooms at the Point and Watergate.
  • When the water level was down, the Policy Jury brought in loads of rocks so people were still able to launch boats.

Nelson said the Police Jury could only legally help with certain aspects of Mill Creek Reservoir.  The Police Jury did not pay for the picnic tables, barbecue grills, etc.

He said he did not want to deter possible future board members, but “there is more to being on the board than collecting money.”  For instance, the spillway actually belongs to the lake commission.  Opening the gate to release water cannot be done by the Police Jury, the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, or the Department of Transportation and Development, it can only be done by the lake commission.  In the past, they tried to have the state take the spillway over but were unsuccessful.  Nelson said they would  continue to work to get the state to take it over.

Nelson commended Garlington for her hard work through the years and said he would continue to do all he could to help the lake commission.

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