Local Fisherman Helps to Lower Lake Bistineau

by Brad Dison

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF) has scheduled a drawdown of Lake Bistineau beginning on July 19 for the purpose of reducing the invasive aquatic plant, giant salvinia.

Local fisherman Bill Palmer saw no reason to wait on Wildlife and Fisheries.  He has been doing his part in lowering Lake Bistineau by removing one fish at a time.  

I spoke with Bill yesterday as he was loading his boat onto his trailer.  I asked if he had caught any fish.  Almost as if my question had insulted him, he smiled and told me to look in his ice chest.  Bill kept securing his boat and fishing gear as I opened his ice chest.  I expected to see a mess of bream, but I was wrong.  Bill’s ice chest contained at least seventeen large White Perch, some of which weighed around 2 pounds.  All I could say was, “Wow!” 

Bill said, “That’s nothing.  Take a look at this.”  As he reached for his phone, he told me that he had caught more than three hundred fish in the last couple of weeks.  He scrolled through picture after picture showing me the messes of large White Perch, Catfish, Bass, and Bream he had caught recently.

Against angler etiquette, I asked Bill what lure he had used.  After taking an oath of secrecy, Bill showed me his bait, tackle, rod and reel, and other accoutrements.  He even pointed out a few of his favorite fishing spots.  This, too, was included in the oath of secrecy.

Thank you, Bill, for helping lower Lake Bistineau.  Hopefully, one day soon I will get to do my part in lowering  one of the fine lakes in Bienville Parish.

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