Local UPS Driver Cools Off While Making Delivery

By Brad Dison

With temperatures nearing 100 degrees over the weekend, we are all doing whatever we can to stay cool.  Many of us try to avoid going outside in the mid-day heat.  Some workers have no choice and must work in the searing heat.  

On Friday, UPS delivery driver Rob Murray was on the lookout for a way to cool off. 

After he left a package at the home of Buck and Sharon Thomley, a security camera captured an image of the shoeless deliveryman as he was preparing to cool down. (see image above)   

In the next image captured by the security camera, the driver is nowhere in sight.  However, the security camera picked up a large disturbance in the swimming pool. (see photo above)

The UPS driver removed his shoes and did a cannonball into the swimming pool.  He quickly climbed out of the pool, dried off, and returned to his delivery route.

UPS driver Rob Murray said, “They [UPS] encourage us [drivers] to do what we have to do to stay cool, and down in Louisiana we [do what we] have to do. LOL!”  “UPS trucks have no air conditioning,” he explained.  “Sometimes,” he said, “the temperature in the back [of the UPS truck] can reach nearly 200 degrees.”

Homeowner Sharon Thomley explained, “If anyone questions, he had permission and we laid him a towel out.”  She pointed out that “He has one [towel] out now for tomorrow. :)”

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