Clerk of Court Survives Worst Case Scenario

by Brad Dison

Yesterday, Clerk of Court Eddie Holmes took part in Commissioner Mock Training at the Clerk’s Institute in Baton Rouge.  

Holmes said “The Secretary of State is running the clerks and their staff through an entire mock election from beginning to end. They’ve created scenarios I didn’t know could exist.”  He quipped, “I’m aggravated, sweaty, and snapped at a few of their actors.  It’s like COVID apocalypse election training.”

“We go through every single aspect of elections,” Holmes said, “from troubleshooting to emergency declarations, paper ballots, the whole 9 yards.  It’s basically a worst case scenario crash course.”

In one part of the training, trainers turned off the power and made the clerks continue the election entirely by paper ballot.

At the completion of the training session, Holmes said, “I survived and passed. And pray that I never have to use the information I learned.”

The Clerk reminded us to “Respect the poll workers who volunteer their time to do this year after year!”

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