Clerk of Court, Local Attorney Uncover History of Unique Parcel of Land

Local attorney Robert A. Moore recently pointed out a unique parcel of land to Clerk of Court Eddie Holmes.  

Holmes explained, “In the far southwest edge of Bienville, just along our shared border with Red River Parish is a rectangular tract of land known as the Grappe Grant.

Though I’m still researching it’s rich and complicated political history, here is the short version.

Francois Grappe, also known as Touline, was a french creole cavalry scout for both the French and Spanish crowns, renowned for his knowledge and relationships with the local natives.

He was so beloved by the Caddo Indians that in 1835, when they sold their lands to the United States government, they demanded a tract be reserved for Grappe’s (who was dead by this time) heirs forever.

The demand was honored and the Grappe Tract was created… which you can see still exists on the map today! It cuts across the traditional square sections – which usually only contains 36 equal parts. This tract is one of the rare Section 37s.”

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