Clerk of Court Explains the Early History of Gibbs-Land

By Eddie Holmes, Clerk of Court

Did you know…..?

The Town of Gibsland was traditionally known as Gibbs-land. Named after Dr. Jasper Gibbs, one of the earliest and richest settlers of the area.

Without him, there may not have ever been a Gibsland. Before the Civil War, the railroad was originally to be built through Mt. Lebanon – a thriving community at the time. Unfortunately, the Civil War brought the plans to a halt.

After the war recovery, most of the original settlers of Mt. Lebanon were dead or had moved on.

Dr. Gibbs’ relative, William Gibbs swooped in and negotiated with the railroad companies to build through the old Gibbs Plantation instead.

With the rails of commerce laid, Gibsland was born and Mt. Lebanon would become a shadow of its former self. Gibsland went on to thrive and rival Arcadia as the premier town of North Bienville.

*Sadly, the old map (1889) has nearly completely faded with time.

Bonus fun fact: The first blacksmith and forge in Gibsland was run by a one legged black man named Hal. See Less

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