Parish Library to Host Blood Drive Friday

The Bienville Parish Library in Arcadia will host the LifeShare™ Blood Drive on October 15, 2021 from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. The link below will direct you to the schedule so you can register the most convenient time for your donation.

Few acts are as simple, and yet so generous, as donating blood. The only source for this blood is you – the volunteer donor. Donors are needed to help ensure a safe and adequate blood supply for patients in their community. Blood is needed every five seconds; it may even be needed for someone you know.

Most donations take only approximately 40 minutes. This includes completing a donor registration form, receiving a mini-physical, donating about one pint of blood and enjoying refreshments after.

After donating, all blood donations are tested to ensure that the blood is safe for transfusions. Each unit of blood is tested to verify blood type and should a problem be detected during testing, donors will be confidentially notified by mail.


Blood consists of different parts, which serve different purposes. Patients require specific blood components based on their diagnosis. Thanks to advances in medical technology, blood can be separated into different components.

Red blood cells: are used to treat anemia and blood loss resulting from trauma and surgery.

White Cells: are blood cells that protect the bloodstream from infection.

Platelets: help control bleeding by helping the clotting process. These are commonly used in treating cancer and leukemia.

Plasma: is used for treating bleeding disorders, severe burns and shock.

Every donation can save up to three lives and every drop counts! We hope you will consider donating on October 15, 2021 during the Bienville Parish Library’s hosted Blood Drive with services provided by the LifeShare Blood Center. Make a difference in someone’s life today!

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