Election Day is Tomorrow, Constitutional Amendments Explained

For those who did not vote early either in person or by mail-in ballot, election day is tomorrow.  

It is important to know what you’re voting on before you go to the polls.  Clerk of Court Eddie Holmes recently explained the Proposed Constitutional Amendments for the upcoming election.  Click on the link below the breakdown for the complete guide to the 2021 Constitutional Amendments.

AMENDMENT #1: Tax Commission

If you vote…..
YES = I want there to be an single Tax Commission that oversees, collects and distributes ALL sales tax in the State.
NO = I want to keep the current system where a local agency in each parish collects and distributes sales taxes.

Amendment #2: Tax Reform

If you vote…
YES = I want to lower the State income tax rate from 6% to 4.75% and give up any federal tax deduction I could claim. I also want there to be tax reforms relating to businesses.
NO = I want to keep the State income tax rates the same and keep my federal tax deduction.

This one is more complicated and the ballot wording is terrible. This amendment changes several income tax laws for individuals and businesses.

Amendment #3: Levee District Tax Authority

If you vote…..
YES = I want levee districts created after 2005 but before October 2021 to be able to get property tax funding without needing to hold an election.
NO = I want new levee districts to require voter approval before getting any property tax funding.

This is not an issue we see in our parish, but requires a constitutional change. You may want to check with any friends or family living in the southern part of the State about their opinion.

Amendment #4: State Budget Balancing

If you vote…..
YES = When the State cannot balance the budget through regular means, I want them to be able to cut funding from constitutionally protected sources by 10% instead of 5%.
NO = I don’t want the State to be able to cut any additional funds above the current 5% from sources protected by the constitution.

This one is complicated as well… short version is that the LA Constitution guarantees certain agencies and programs their yearly budget/funding. Only when the budget cannot be balanced through cutting normal means (usually education and health care), the governor can cut 5% from theses protected funds.

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