Saline General Store Owner Concerned for Store’s Future

Based on the reactions to Wednesday’s article entitled “The Rumors are True, Saline is Getting a Dollar General Store” (Click here to read that article), many people in the area are excited to get a Dollar General store.    

Leslie Mauthe, owner of the Saline General Store, is concerned for the future of her business.  She responded that she “was definitely not excited. I’m afraid that my small business won’t be able to compete, and I will have to close down. I’ve worked hard, but competing with a world-wide chain may end us. I voiced my concern to the Hood family and was told that they weren’t worried about one family. They were trying to help all. Unfortunately, I’m not one family. I’m 7 employees, myself, and the heart of Saline. The general store has been around forever! I will never forget that comment, but I hope that Saline will continue to support its small business chains, too!”

Ms. Mauthe said, “New business is wonderful, but any new business items I have brought to the table isn’t fighting against established business’ survival. Saline is small and two general stores will be tough. I’m just worried, as anyone would be. I loved the tea place, the consignment shop, etc., but my store family is more important than any Dollar General around. They [Dollar General] are using us as a tax deduction. They don’t really put back into the community. Support for local basketball, festivals, baseball, softball, other teams, schools – you don’t see those donations coming from Dollar General.”

Many people are of the opinion that they are glad that Saline will have more shopping options, but they still plan to support hometown business.  Here are just a few of their comments

  • “Leslie, you matter! Your employees matter! Your business matters!  I’m definitely praying for your business to continue to prosper and everyone that this will effect! You and Curtis have supported this town, school, and the people in it… The heart of this town will continue to support you.” ~ Marsha
  • “I can say without a doubt that your store has gotten me out of a bind on so many occasions. I’ve always supported your business and I will continue to support it.” ~ Lindsey
  • “We will continue to support you… Love and prayers for you and your business.” ~ Susan
  • “I know it is frustrating, and seems like it could be the end of your business. But YOU of all people are the definition of “home town”. You always show up, show out, and provide for those around you. And that’s something no one will EVER forget!  I am excited for saline to have more options than to drive to Jonesboro if you are closed or out of milk. But I pray that everyone in the heart of saline Remembers who in the town is home.” ~ Molly
  • “As much as I like a quick stop at a DG, there’s nothing like a “hometown” store.” ~ Kathy

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