100 Years Ago in Bienville Parish: Arcadia Loses Electricity Due to Storms, Lightening

Many people throughout Bienville parish and surrounding parishes lost power due to storm activity this week.  On March 30, 1922, people in and around Arcadia lost electricity due to a similar storm.  On that Thursday, a powerful storm blew in from the west, much like it did this week in 2022.  During the storm, lightening struck the lines of the Arcadia light plant and did considerable damage which required workers to cut off the power grid.  Electricity was restored to part of town the following day.

More storms followed and the electricity was off again the following Tuesday and Wednesday, April 4-5, 1922.  Workers cut and topped several trees in town which were obstructing the lines.  The lines which provided power to the streetlight circuit were also down.  The Bienville Democrat, which relied exclusively on electricity from the Arcadia light pant, lost power just as they were ready to go to press with that week’s [1922] newspaper.  By Thursday, April 6, 1922, the Arcadia light plant returned operating at full capacity.   

Source: Bienville Democrat, April 6, 1922, p.1.

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