Drawdown Offers Interesting Views of Mill Creek Reservoir

Drawdown of Mill Creek Reservoir began on September 6th.  Since then, the water level has dropped consistently.  The lowered water level has provided interesting views of the lake as well as new paths for people (and deer) to walk which would normally be underwater.  Take a look at the photo gallery below.

Sidenote:  As the gate was opened, several people have mentioned the horrible odor coming from the lake.  According to a report by the University of Florida entitled “A Beginner’s Guide to Water Management—Muck: Causes and Corrective Actions,” muck is the popular and scientific term for the material found on the bottom of areas which have held water for any length of time.  The foul odor, according to the report, is due to the disturbance and decomposition of the organic matter which releases  gases.  This is normal.  The smell will dissipate as the organic matter breaks down.

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