In Memory of Danieldog

A stray dog who earned the name Danieldog after Daniel Street, the street next to the State Farm Office in Arcadia, appeared in the area about two years ago.  He quickly befriended Hazel, another stray dog who was named after the street in front of the State Farm Office where Hazel spent most of her time.      

For the past couple of years, Danieldog and Hazel spent their days sitting on the corner watching the traffic and napping. Donna kay Dalme, Melinda Kidd, and Tina Johnson, employees at State Farm Insurance, fed them everyday and even on weekends. 

Ms. Dalme said, “One of us would come by and make sure they had fresh food and water. Every one in town knew who they were. We have tried repeatedly to catch them so we could take them to the vet, but even after all this time they would never let us touch them. They would be here waiting for us every morning and after lunch they wanted treats.  Hazel has become kind of a town mascot and Danieldog was becoming one too. He died Saturday morning.”  They suspect he was hit by a car. “He was a good dog,” Ms. Dalme added, “and we will miss him very much.”  

In Memory of Danieldog
by Donna Kay Dalme

He was just a stray,
Don’t know where he came from
or how he ended up alone on the street.
No home, no family.

He was just a stray,
Life hadn’t been easy for him,
there were scars,
he was scared of people.

He was just a stray,
He appeared one day,
his sad eyes asking for a little kindness.

He was just a stray,
We fed him,
but he was never ours.
He never trusted us enough to let us touch him.
We talked to him and told him he was a good boy.

He was just a stray,
He was gentle and sweet. He was easy to love.
He made our world a happier place.
But, he was just a stray.

Now he’s gone,
he won’t be waiting on his breakfast or wagging his tail when he sees us drive up.
He’s with the One who gave him life,
The Shepherd who searches for the lost ones.
He is in His loving arms now …. no longer a stray.

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