Remember the Four P’s of Winter Weather Preparedness: People, Pets, Pipes, and Plants

Weather forecasters are predicting that our temperatures will be extremely cold for our area in the coming days (see picture below).  Be sure to take proper precautions and remember the four P’s of cold weather preparedness:

  • People:  When outside, dress in layers.  Avoid being outside for extended periods unless properly dressed.  Be sure to keep in contact with loved ones to ensure that they are safe and warm.  Never leave space heaters unattended and never use them while you sleep.  Never use kerosene or other gas-type heaters inside.  If you don’t have proper, safe heating for your home, stay with friends.  
  • Pets:  Bring your pets inside.  Avoid using heat lamps or light bulbs to keep animals warm as this is a serious fire hazard.  If you are cold, they are too.  Make sure livestock has proper food, water, and shelter as well.
  • Pipes:  Wrap exposed pipes when possible.  Be sure to leave your inside and outside faucets dripping when the temperatures drop below freezing.  
  • Plants:  Bring plants inside or cover them properly.

If you end up in a situation and need help, please call 911.

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