Local Historian finds lost graves near Bryceland

By Brad Dison
I recently began working with the state archaeologist to properly document graves or cemeteries that may not be well known, which may be difficult to get to, or which may be hard to find.  I quickly learned that in the 1800s, many families buried their loved ones on their own land rather than in cemeteries.  Some of these graves have been destroyed by logging crews who were unaware of their existence.  The purpose of documenting and pinpointing these graves with GPS coordinates is that even if the headstones are destroyed, their graves will not be lost completely. 

Micah Crawford recently sent me coordinates to some graves in the woods east of Bryceland.  With these coordinates, I began the search.  I trudged through the woods for a couple of hours in the area where the graves were supposed to be.  The woods were relatively thin in this area but fallen leaves made the search difficult.  Finally, as I was heading back to my vehicle, I happened upon two graves.  I thought just finding the graves would be the end of my search, but these graves were just the beginning of my research. Take a look at the video to see my research into these lost graves.

If you know of a grave(s) in our area which may not be documented or other items which may have historical significance, please email me at Bradsarcade@yahoo.com.

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