Arcadia man wants apology for private parts quip

Things were not so regular at the Town of Arcadia’s regular scheduled meeting this past Tuesday, June 13. Things began in the usual fashion up until the floor was open for public comments and a concerned citizen demanded a public apology from the town’s mayor.  

An Arcadia resident, Curtis Brown, stepped to the podium to address Mayor O’Landis Millican directly. He said, “I would like to know if you are going to offer a public apology for talking about my mother’s genitals, which I have on recording.”  

The video that Brown is referring to surfaced a few weeks ago. It was taken by Brown during a visit to the Arcadia Town Hall. It is unclear what the meeting was initially regarding, but it quickly escalated into a disagreement between Brown and Mayor Millican. After words were exchanged and as Brown was exiting the front door, Millican made a comment about the Arcadia resident’s mother. The comments made were not of tasteful nature.   

Brown continued, “Your buddy there, Morris Bart, he wants to talk about defamation of character. I think you defamed my mother’s character by talking about her genitals.”  

Brown was referring to the Town Attorney, Sean Crain.   

Mayor O’Landis quickly dismissed the comments by saying, “We will set up a meeting at a later date.”  

Brown immediately left the public meeting following a few other choice words on his part. 

Many members of the Town of Arcadia have become aware of the actions and graphic language that is evident in the video going around and the recent news concerning the town’s alleged misuse of Covid-19 bonus payments that were issued in 2021. But one resident, Bonnie Stephenson, felt led to speak up about the recent happenings.   

She said, “I am obedient to the Spirit of the Lord, and He woke me up about three weeks ago on a Sunday morning and He was shouting, ‘Wake up. Wake up Arcadia. Wake up.’ We can’t take what we have had happening here and want to be blessed. God blesses good. He cannot bless evil.”  

Stephenson spoke on behalf of many residents of Arcadia who love the town and want the best for it moving forward in the future.   

“I say ‘we’ because we are all responsible and we all have to do what is right,” said Stephenson. “We don’t want to be known by what the newspapers and things the television is saying about us. We want to be known well and Arcadia is supposed to be a light shining in the darkness.”  

She urged the mayor, council members and those in attendance at the meeting not to continue with the corruption that has been going on.   

She closed by saying, “Seek His face and repent. He can heal our land. That is from the Word of the Lord, not Bonnie Stephenson.”  

No further remarks were made by Mayor O’Landis Millican, council members or the town attorney regarding either public comment made by the two parties and the regular scheduled meeting proceeded with a unanimous vote to approve the minutes from the previous meeting.

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