Bolt cutters – Weapon of choice for Jamestown man

By Paige Nash

A Jamestown man is currently facing multiple charges following a dispute that took place last Wednesday, August 30, on the 5000 block of Highway 792.

Jeffery McCoy, 62, of Jamestown, was arrested for two counts aggravated assault, felony aggravated burglary, felony home invasion with damage to property, two counts of simple battery, simple burglary of a motor vehicle, simple criminal damage to property and unauthorized use of a movable.

According to reports, a Bienville Parish Sheriff deputy arrived on the scene of the dispute at approximately 6:40 p.m., where McCoy was threatening a homeowner with another resident on the property who had visible scratches and blood on his person . A deputy who arrived a little earlier had already detained McCoy.

McCoy proceeded to inform the deputies that he was on the property hog hunting and he was “tired of everyone messing with him.”

According to one of the residents, when he exited his camper trailer on the premises he allegedly witnessed McCoy charging at him with a bottle of whiskey and yelling at him to give him the keys to his vehicle. The two reportedly had a verbal altercation which resulted in McCoy chasing the resident around his camper trailer and up the driveway. The resident told deputies upon reaching the end of the driveway, he heard a loud noise coming from the location of the camper trailer. When the resident returned to see what the noise was, he allegedly witnessed McCoy bashing in the front door of his camper with a pair of bolt cutters.

The resident left to get help from a nearby neighbor. When the pair arrived back to the camper trailer, another subject pulled in to assist. McCoy then allegedly began hitting one of the trucks with the bolt cutters and physically fighting with two of the subjects on the scene. One of the subjects was able to acquire the bolt cutters and hit McCoy over the head with them in an attempt to diffuse the situation and reduce further harm to the two subjects on the receiving end of McCoy’s battering.

Bienville Parish Fire District 4 & 5 were dispatched to the scene to tend to the harmed subjects including McCoy. While McCoy was being treated, a deputy asked him what he used to tear down the door of the camper trailer. McCoy allegedly responded that he did it to “let them know to leave him alone at his house.”

According to the deputy, McCoy still seemed “impaired heavily due to his slurred speech and groggy demeanor.” Allegedly, he became fidgety and unsteady as medical responders were assisting him.

McCoy was taken to Bienville Medical Center for further observation. While at the center the deputy received a call from a resident that the keys to his vehicle were missing. The deputy reportedly asked McCoy if he had the keys. He stated that he did not, but gave the deputy permission to search his pockets. The search resulted in keys that matched the description given by the resident in the right side of McCoy’s pant pockets.

Both the keys and bolt cutters were taken to the Bienville Parish Jail.

One resident allegedly suffered minor facial injuries that did not need medical attention. Another sustained multiple minor bruises on her arms and legs.

McCoy was booked into the Bienville Parish Jail following his evaluation and clearance from Bienville Medical Center with minor injuries to his head.

This information has been provided by a law enforcement agency as public information. Persons named as suspects in a criminal investigation, or arrested and charged with a crime, have not been convicted of any criminal offense and are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

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