A little glue and that’ll do

Well, it finally happened.  

Last night marked the first trip to the Emergency Room for Ashton Elaine.  

I was actually pondering yesterday afternoon on what the topic of my column would be this week when I heard a sudden and very loud scream come from my living room. I ran towards the chaos to see Ashton on the floor, crying and yelling, “MY EYE!” 

I just knew I was going to pull her hand away and see a not so pleasant sight. It definitely was not pleasant to my weak stomach, but it turned out it wasn’t her actual eyeball, but her cheek right underneath it.  

She somehow managed to bang her face off the corner of my end table. 

I am not good with blood in the slightest, but my husband was not home from work yet, so I grabbed a wet towel and told her to hold it there. As I was about to call him, so I could tell him to high tail it on home, Kameron walked in the room just as Ashton was pulling the towel away, I guess to see how much blood was pouring out of her face.  

And cue the second meltdown from both of them – simultaneously. 

Ashton screaming because her face is bleeding and Kameron also screaming because Ashton’s face is bleeding.  

Luckily, my husband was only about five minutes away, so we all endured for that long. The three of us, just a pitiful bleeding, crying and screaming trio, waited for his arrival.  

Not too long after that, it was decided that a trip to the Emergency Room was necessary. Luckily, it was still early in the afternoon, so we did not have to wait long. The doctor did his examination and with the help of a nurse, Ashton was glued up and ready to eat some Mexican food.  

She was just fine the rest of the evening. We were all a bit traumatized, but we managed to pull through.  

Kameron has always said she wanted to be a doctor since she could talk, but after her spazzing out at the sight of blood, I think that ship has sailed.  

We were all worn out though and ready to get in bed after getting our fill of rice and beans. As I was helping Ashton in her pajamas, she looked up at me and said she thought we needed to go back to the ER. I am thinking she is in pain, or something must be wrong.


She said, “Mom, one of your eyes is bigger than the other. I think some glue will help you, too.” 

No girl, that’s just my lazy eye, but thanks for the recommendation.  

So, it’s back to the usual shenanigans over here.  

I hope your week has been a little less eventful and your kids are a little less critical.

(Paige Nash is a wife, mother, publisher of Bienville Parish Journal and Claiborne Parish Journal and a digital journalist for Webster Parish Journal whose life is anything but uneventful.)

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