Arcadia to receive fiber connectivity

Project area in Arcadia, LA

By Paige Nash 

Representatives from AT&T met with police jurors and a group of interested citizens from Bienville Parish on Tuesday, January 24.   

AT&T signed a grant agreement for a project area within Bienville Parish on November 21 of this past year. The program helping with the cost of this project is the Granting Unserved Municipalities Broadband Opportunities (GUMBO) grant program.   

Louisiana State Director with AT&T Stephanie Doiron said, “We are officially starting our design and engineering process. The GUMBO program is helping us with the construction cost. We are bringing our own dollars to that to build it out, but it will also require ongoing maintenance and upgrades over time.”  

Over the last three years AT&T has spent $1.1 billion in Louisiana in both wire-line and wireless networks.  

“We are not new to fiber connectivity,” said Doiron. “A residential type build in this area will be new to us in terms of building in that particular area but we have over 420,000 locations here in Louisiana that have our fiber services.”  

This will be a fiber network from end to end with the fiber coming from the central office to residents and businesses within this project area allowing them access to high-speed internet up to 5 gigabytes.   

The project area that was approved by GUMBO covers a portion of Arcadia. There are an estimated 650 locations within this project area.   

There is an Affordable Connectivity Program available for households at or below 200% of the federal poverty guidelines. Residents could also take advantage of this program if they participate in federal assistance programs such as SNAP, WIC, Medicaid or if they have received a Federal Pell Grant in the current award year. A resident or someone within your household must only meet one of the criteria to be eligible.   

For only $30 a month eligible households will receive internet with speeds up to 100 megabytes per second, unlimited data, free installation, in-home Wi-Fi access. Households will not be required to sign an annual contract, put down a deposit or pay for equipment fees.   

Gerald Long serves as the point person for broadband expansion for Senator Bill Cassidy’s office attended the meeting and expressed his excitement for this project.   

“This is going to be a game changer in our rural parishes. It is going to be extremely important,” said Long. “We have approximately 350,000 residents in Louisiana who have qualified for the Affordable Connectivity Program. One of the things we are finding is there are more people who qualify for this than they realize.”  

The AT&T Representatives stressed the importance of having cooperation and close collaboration from the governing bodies on a local level in the parish.    

AT&T is currently in the engineering phase of this project, but the build out is expected to be completed within at least 36 months. 

Celebrate the arrival of spring at Gibsland’s Jonquil Jubilee

A stop on the tour, Evergreen Farm, is owned by Beth and Steve Fontenot. Since they moved here, they have planted over 17,000 bulbs. 

By Paige Nash 

The Town of Gibsland has announced the festival dates for their annual Jonquil Jubilee Homes and Garden Tour. The festival will be held on March 4 this year.  

Tickets are only $10 and will be available the day of the festival. With the purchase of a ticket, you will receive an armband, a map and a complete list with information about each stop and activity that day.

The events of the day will kick off with the Gibsland Lions Club breakfast to be held at 8 a.m. Every stop and activity will be open all day.  

An exciting addition to the tour this year is the Sylvan Retreat. The house was built in 1848 in Bienville Parish by William and Missouri Walker. The original location was on a 2,000-acre plantation near the present I-20 exit 61 but was later deconstructed and re-assembled in Gibsland in 1884. The home now belongs to Sally and Lestar Martin. They moved into the home in 1978 with their daughters; Marguerite, Sarah, Christine and Charlotte. Marguerite’s grandson, Gabriel, represents “the ninth generation to have lived or slept in Sylvan Retreat.” 

Key speaker, Greg Grant, is scheduled to hold a presentation at 11 a.m. at the First Baptist Church. Grant is an award-winning horticulturist, conservationist, farmer and writer.  

He has introduced several successful plants to the Southern nursery industry including Blue Princess verbena, dwarf pink Mexican petunia, Gold Star Esperanza, Laura Bush Petunia, John Fanick phlox, Stars and Stripes pentas, Pam’s Pink honeysuckle, Lecompte and Flora Ann vitex, Henry and Augusta Duelberg sages, Big Momma and Pam Puryear Turk’s Cap, Peppermint Flare hibiscus, and the Marie Daly and Nacogdoches (Grandma’s Yellow) roses.  

Grant has received several acknowledgements from his many contributions. He was presented the lifetime membership award from the Texas Nursery and Landscape Association, the Superior Service Award by the Texas Agricultural Extension Service, the Lynn Lowrey Memorial Award by the Native Plant Society of Texas, and the Lone Star Land Steward Award by Texas Parks and Wildlife. Heirloom Gardening in the South was also a Garden Writers Association Silver Award recipient. 

The Jonquil Jubilee will also have displays and vendors including Geraldine Zelinsky, founder of the Northwest Louisiana Basket Makers, who will be demonstrating the craft of coiled basketry. She will have baskets on display with some available for purchase.  

A complete list of stops, vendors and events will be available to the public in the coming weeks.

Dr. Cheryl White to speak at Mt. Lebanon annual meeting

The public is invited to attend Mt. Lebanon Historical Society’s annual meeting on Sunday, February 19 at 2:30 at Mt. Lebanon Baptist Church. We are honored to have Dr. Cheryl White as our speaker. Her topic will be The Yellow Fever Epidemic of 1873. Dr. White is a professor of history at Louisiana State University at Shreveport, where she teaches medieval Europe and Church history. She holds the endowed Hubert Humphreys Professorship and the Yancey Strain Endowed Curatorship for oversight of the LSUS Spring Street Museum. Dr. White, with Father Peter Mangum and Ryan Smith, is the co-author of the 2021 book Shreveport Martyrs of 1873, and a brand-new book – just released! – entitled Shreveport Martyr Father Louis Gergaud. She chairs the Historical Commission in the Cause of Beatification and Canonization for the five Servants of God of Shreveport, and she features in the award-winning documentary, The Five Priests.

Mt. Lebanon was the first permanent settlement in what is now Bienville Parish. Mt. Lebanon Baptist Church was built in 1857 and is on the National Register of Historic Places. It was the birthplace of the Louisiana Baptist Convention.

Directions to the church: On Interstate 20, take the Athens – Gibsland exit and travel through Gibsland. Continue south on Highway 154 for about 3 miles until you reach a caution light. Turn right. The church will be directly ahead on the left.

Food bank in Northwest LA provides food in Gibsland

The Food Bank of Northwest Louisiana’s mission to fight hunger in Northwest Louisiana can be seen one box at a time right here in Gibsland, LA. 

The Food Bank of Northwest Louisiana is a nonprofit organization that warehouses and distributes food to over 150 community partners. They serve over 75,000 individuals per year across Bienville, Bossier, Caddo, Claiborne, DeSoto, Red River, and Webster parishes. One of their food pantries in Gibsland, LA includes the Pine Belt/Bienville-Gibsland Food Pantry. The food pantry is open each Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. for food-insecure residents to get a food box each month. 

Arther Johnson started going to the Pine Belt/Bienville-Gibsland Food Pantry because he was not eating properly and needed food assistance. “Now, food is the least of my worries,” Johnson said. He explained the pantry is a blessing for helping people like him.

Jeanette Rushing serves as the Food Pantry Coordinator. Rushing said she wished there were more food pantries when she was younger to help families like hers. She said it brings her joy to see the relief people get when they receive their monthly food box. “When people get their boxes, they are amazed,” she said.

The Pine Belt/Bienville-Gibsland Food Pantry is located at 1559 S. Third St, Gibsland, LA 71028. For more information, please call Jeanette Rushing at (318) 843- 6334 or the Food Bank of Northwest Louisiana at (318) 675-2400 ext. 100.

Forgiveness means love

Last night, well every night really, was a struggle getting my 4-year-old to bed at a decent hour. Like most kids her age they will do about anything to avoid laying their heads down on the pillow because they know more than likely that as soon as they do, they will be out within minutes.  

Our usual nighttime routine consists of supper, baths, reading our daily devotions, saying our prayers, then hugs and kisses of course. But that all is usually followed by: needing to get up to use the restroom even though she just went, a drink of water, picking out just the right stuffed animal to sleep with and then a lengthy line of questions and stories from the day that she just miraculously happened to remember at exactly 8:59 p.m. 

Last night one of her stories was about how a kid in her class accidentally spilled milk on her during lunch and she needed to bring extra clothes to school in case it happens again. I nodded and said, “Okay, no problem. Goodnight. I love you.” 

She then proceeds to tell me, “It needs to be weather appropriate.” 

I could not help but giggle listening to such a big word come out of her mouth, but all right, weather appropriate. Again, not a problem. I assumed she had heard her teacher say this or that her teacher told her to remind me to send extra clothes, but I asked her anyway.  

She said, “Oh, I just know everything.” 

This is how she gets away with staying up past her bedtime because I am amused and invested at this point.  

So, I began to ask her the meaning of some of my favorite really big words. According to Ashton Elaine preposterous means “really good book.” Instantaneous means “everything is a bird.” Transcendent means “that you are really hungry.” Disillusioned means “that you made a mistake” and quintessential means that “the ceiling fan is going too fast.” 

For some reason as I was coming to the end of my list of words, the word “forgiveness” just popped into my head. So, I asked her what she thought that “forgiveness” means.  

Her response was, “Forgiveness means that you love someone.”  

For once in my life, I was speechless. I still really cannot even put into words exactly how I felt at that moment. Just…wow.  

She may have gotten the meaning of every other single word that I mentioned incorrect, but she really hit the nail on the head with that last one. She may even have had a better understanding of the word than I did, come to think of it.  

When I think of the word “forgiveness” I think of letting go of some past resentment, showing mercy to someone who has hurt you or pardoning someone when they have stepped over a line. That may all be true and accurate, but really forgiveness means love.  

Luke 7:47 says, “Therefore, I tell you, her many sins have been forgiven—as her great love has shown. But whoever has been forgiven little loves little.” According to this scripture forgiveness is a pathway to love.  

God forgives us because He loves us. It is through His forgiveness that He shows His love for us and teaches us to forgive and love one another.  

When you really dive deep and try to understand the sacrifice Jesus made and how much God must love us, to forgive us of our sins so that we may spend eternity in Heaven with Him, you can see how gracious He is. He expects us as Christians to pay it forward and that is how our faith is illustrated – in the way we forgive others and sometimes in the way we forgive ourselves. 

So yes, forgiveness means that you love someone.  

Another lesson for me provided by the perspicacious (that means insightful) Ashton Elaine 

(Paige Nash is a mom, wife, digital journalist for the Webster Parish Journal and publisher for the Bienville Parish Journal.)

That time a ‘guy’ told me no one was thinking about me, and it was awesome

There’s an argument to be made, one bolstered by people’s behavior on social media, that those who live in the western world can be filtered into two camps. 

Those who just want to be mad about something. And those who don’t. 

I know this is a vast oversimplification. There is so much that goes into a person’s anger and hurt that none of us can ever hazard to begin to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes. So as to not draw someone’s ire, I’ll just use myself as the example of today’s little bit of writing. 

I have realized that at many times in my life I have just been a person who wanted to be mad. I didn’t want to be a victim. That’s an entirely different first-world fault we have. I just wanted to be angry at someone. 

Social media was the worst thing to ever happen to younger me. Other people’s opinions, beliefs, words, political perspectives and so forth made me so mad. That’s the story of the modern world. I didn’t like people I perceived to be hypocrites even though I was one of the biggest myself. As Gandhi said, “I like your Christ. I do not like your Christians.” I was one of those he wouldn’t like. 

I used to just want to be angry. That’s the bottom line cause Stone Cold said so. Quiet was confused with arrogance when in actuality it was irritation. I had an issue with people because my perspectives shaped my life. It was a long-learned behavior. It made me not like the man I grew up to become. I was a hypocrite. I always told people to just look in the mirror and if you like what you see then you are doing ok. But I never really did. I didn’t like what was looking back.

But something changed a few years ago. I just started talking. I wasn’t talking to anyone in particular. I knew who I was and that person was not who I wanted to be. I didn’t like who I was but I felt encouraged because I wanted to change. Bad people didn’t want to change, right? I wanted to be better. So that had to count for something.

I started talking to no one in particular. And I know I looked crazy to anyone who may have saw me. I started to read. I started to write my thoughts down. I started to ask questions instead of making accusations and thinking I already knew everything. Why did I feel the way I did? I asked more. I didn’t try to tell. I didn’t ask questions I already knew the answers to. 

It wasn’t until I started seeking that I started finding. And when I let the answers come, I stopped caring what others put on their social media feeds. I stopped caring who they voted for. So what if you do bad things? So do I. So what if you bad mouth others? I have done that from time to time as well. So what if you stumble and fail and stay down sometimes only to cry and blame everyone else but yourself? Brother, I been there.

I realized that God wasn’t religion. And in all that talk and all that reading, I came to find that God doesn’t want me to care what others think. He doesn’t want me to worry about what others have or the way others live their own life just like he doesn’t want them to care how I lead mine. Someone in all that talk of mine basically talked back. “No one’s thinking about you Josh. No one cares what you think. No one cares if you don’t like them. They aren’t thinking of you.”

And then came the bombshell.

“Isn’t that so freeing? Doesn’t that change everything?”

Wow. When I had this realization, I legitimately said out-loud “Wow,” and a little old lady by the vitamins in Walmart lowered her spectacles (I like that word – spectacles) to wonder if I was a malcontent or rabble rouser. 

I realized God wanted me to be all His all the time. He doesn’t want me leaning on others. He doesn’t want me to be self-reliant. He wants me to rely on Him. I am walking a tight rope. So are you. So are we all. Our security rests in Him and not in our best laid plans. Our best laid plans are folly. They suck. They are laughable. We walk that tight rope and it is He alone who helps us stay standing. Not people. Not circumstance. It is He who we must go to for prayer, for answers. I said I didn’t know who I was talking to earlier. But I do now. I was talking to the one above all. I was talking to the one beckoning me —one step at a time. 

Neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, can separate you from My loving Presence,” I read once and now I know it to be true.

So too is this: For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

(Josh Beavers is a teacher and a writer. He has been recognized five times for excellence in opinion writing by the Louisiana Press Association.)

Arm your children

Think back to when you were a kid – did you get into mischief?  Did you search for, and find, Christmas or birthday gifts your parents intended to give you as a surprise?  What about your parents’ stuff – ever rummage through their things – ever find something you wish you hadn’t – ever get into your dad’s case of Busch Light or your mom’s box of Franzia?  Well, I’m here to tell you, regardless how sweet and innocent you believe your precious baby boy or girl to be, your kids do (or will do) the same thing.

Most of the time this type of behavior is motivated purely by curiosity and is perfectly normal.  Usually, the worst thing that happens is dad gets embarrassed because his son found a stash of vintage Playboys, or mom wants to hide under a rock when little Johnny asks her what a “personal massager” is.  It doesn’t matter how well you hide things; a curious child will defeat a clever hiding place ten times out of ten.

If your kids can locate your unmentionables, you better believe they can, and will, locate your guns.  What’s more worrisome is that they will likely handle those guns – especially if guns are a mystery to them.  You can lock your guns in safes or closets, store them separately from ammunition, or take any other measures necessary to keep them beyond the reach of your children.  Those are all excellent options and will lead to you having a safer home for your kids and your guns.  However, “out of sight” doesn’t always mean “out of mind.”  Child-proofing your guns is a good thing and you should absolutely do that, but, when coupled with counter-meddling measures, gun-proofing your children is far more effective than any lock and key alone.

If you’re at all like me, curiosity can consume you – whether it be for an hour or a matter of months or years.  I read, I watch videos, I listen to various commentary, and if it’s something I can physically get my hands on – like a new gun – then I think about that thing until my curiosity, and ultimately my interest, is satisfied.  Currently, the possible release of a new NCAA Football video game has me all in a tizzy – but I digress.  If adults can become consumed by curiosity, just imagine what a powerful force curiosity is for a child or teenager.  If we’re honest with ourselves, we don’t have to imagine it – we can simply remember – even though as adults it’s unflattering to admit we ever acted like children.

Whether you own a single gun, an arsenal of weaponry, or no gun at all – I believe you should limit your children’s curiosity by exposing them to guns, and, more importantly, to the responsibilities associated with gun ownership and gun handling.  If you’re not a gun owner, you’re probably not worried about your kids encountering a gun in your home – but what about their friends’ homes?  You can’t control the safety practices of other people, and your kids need to know how to avoid danger when you’re not around.  

Start early in your child’s life with age-appropriate lessons and interactions.  For example, when my daughter was a toddler and a case of ammunition would arrive at our door, she’d help me transfer the freedom seeds from the original packaging into an ammo can.  She was downright eager to dump 1,000-2,000 bullets from one container to another – 50 rounds at a time.  While we worked, we talked, and she began committing my lessons to memory.  I have the most amazing video of my then 4-year-old daughter sitting in front of a disassembled AK-47, saying “We clean the Kalashnikov!” when I asked her “What do we do during quarantine?”  Brings a tear of joy to my eye every time.

You know your own children and their maturity levels.  It’s up to you as a parent to determine, based on their capacity to learn and ability to behave, what they are and are not capable of doing.  What you might not realize, or may choose to ignore, are areas where you are deficient.  I can tell by watching someone lift a gun off of a table if they’re an amateur or an experienced practitioner of gun safety.  Your hildren cannot.  When you come home from hunting, how do you carry your rifle when you stroll through the house?  Do you put your duck gun in the cab of your truck muzzle first with your child already seated inside?

Kids don’t always listen, but they ALWAYS watch.  Are you setting for them an example that will keep them safe or one that might cause them harm?  When paraphrasing Proverbs 22:6, Charles Spurgeon said, “Train up a child in the way he should go – but be sure you go that way yourself.”  If you’re unsure about the gun safety example you’re setting, refer to the only legitimate litmus test available – the four universal firearm safety rules.  Are you adhering to them AT ALL TIMES, or just when it’s convenient?  In case you’re unfamiliar with these rules, I’ve included them at the end of the article.

Some common BS excuses following an unintended shooting are “I was cleaning it.”  “I thought it was unloaded.”  “I didn’t see them there.”  Or my newest favorite – “So, you never pulled the trigger?” “No, no, no, no, no!”  “I would never point a gun at anyone and pull a trigger at them.”  If someone tries to feed you one of these lines when explaining how something or someone was wrongfully shot, you can bet your sweet ass they’re trying to avoid humiliation or criminal / civil liability.  Please understand that the term “accidental discharge” or “A-D,” is a complete fallacy.  Any time a gun goes off, it’s either intentional or negligent – there is no gray area.  If you have a negligent discharge, you are responsible for the consequences.  If your minor child has an “N-D,” you are responsible for that too.  

In order to gun-proof your kids, you have to be squared away.  You have to teach them early and often, and you have to be the example.  If you don’t teach them, someone else will.  They’ll learn from some other kid, a video game, or a movie.  When it comes to the safety of your children, who do you trust most?  Yourself, I’m sure.  Are you worthy of your own trust, or do you need to be better?  Don’t deceive yourself answering that question – it could be the difference between life and death.  So, arm your kids – not with guns, but with knowledge – so that when they find their way to a gun (or vice versa) they won’t become a statistic.  Someday, they’ll be a shining example for their own children because you instilled an enduring sense of safety and responsibility.

Consider this – do your children see you handling guns properly or do they just see you handling guns?  

Avoid what you can.  Defeat what you can’t.


Please submit your questions to Ryan via email at

Ryan Barnette is not a licensed attorney or a medical provider, and no information provided in “Slicing the Pie,” or any other publication authored by Ryan Barnette should be construed, in any way, as official legal or medical advice. 

1.) Treat all guns as if they’re always loaded.
2.) Never point a gun at anything unless you’re willing to destroy that thing.
3.) Know you’re target and what’s beyond it.
4.) Keep your finger off the trigger, until your sights are on the target, and you’ve made the decision to fire.

Cake Mix Candy Bar Cookies

Cake Mix Candy Bar Cookies

This may be THE BEST COOKIE I have ever made.  The boys disagreed because their favorite Original Tolllhouse Chocolate Cookies exist.  And I say it’s a 3 way tie for me with the Kentucky Butter Cookies and the Texas Sheetcake Cookies from The Copper Whisk Cookbook.  Nonetheless these are stellar!

I used Heath toffee bits for these, but the beauty is that you can use whatever candy bar you want to! Think Butterfinger, Snickers, Reese’s, etc.  The small bites of crunch combined with the sweet is just a perfect combination.  

I am writing this and trying not to think about eating 4 more of these before dinner.  They are THAT good.  Let me know when you make them!


  • 1 box yellow cake mix
  • 1/2 cup melted butter
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 1/3 cups Heath toffee bits (or whatever candy bar of your choosing(


Combine cake mix, eggs, and oil and mix well with mixer.  Stir in toffee bits by hand.  Chill in refrigerator for 1 hour.  After 1 hour preheat oven to 350 degrees.  Use cookie scoop to drop dough onto baking sheet.  Bake 7-9 minutes.

(Ashley Madden Rowton is a wife, mother and published cookbook author.)

The Chinatown Revelation

By Brad Dison

John Joseph was born in Neptune City, New Jersey on April 22, 1937.  He was raised by his parents, Ethel May and John, and sisters June and Lorraine.  June was 18 years his senior, and Lorraine was 15 years his senior.  June aspired to become a famous entertainer.  In the 1930s, June Nilson, as she was known professionally, began her dancing career under the tutelage of dancing teacher Eddie King.  She danced in several performances and was featured in the opening of a club called the Pic and Pat club in New York City.  She also appeared in several off-Broadway productions.  On New Year’s Eve in 1935, she was featured as a specialty tap dancer in Earl Carrol’s Palm Island club in Miami, Florida.  Earl Carrol was a controversial figure because his showgirls were usually scantily clad.  He was known as “the troubadour of the nude.”  At some point, June returned to the family home.  In 1941, when John was four years old, June moved again to Miami, Florida to work for Earl Carrol.  Her aspirations eventually led her to Hollywood, California. 

Perhaps, his sister’s ambitions rubbed off on John.  In 1954, John, then 17 years old, moved in with June in Hollywood.  John found a job as an office boy in MGM Studios’ animated cartoon department.  While at work one day, a producer noticed something special in John.  It may have been the way he carried himself, the way he said a certain sentence or phrase, or the way he smiled.  At the producer’s recommendation, John began taking acting classes.  In 1956, John received his first acting credit for his performance in one episode of a television series called Matinee Theatre.  In 1958, he performed in the film The Cry Baby Killer.  John’s career as an entertainer had been slow in the late 1950s.  In 1960, however, John’s career “took off.”  In that year alone, John appeared in four films and two television series.  Unlike June, whose Hollywood career never came to fruition, John’s career flourished for the next five decades.    

It was through his acting career that John learned a secret.  John was scheduled to be interviewed about one of his upcoming films by a writer from Time magazine.  As part of the preparation process for the interview, researchers from the magazine began exploring John’s background.  It was then that they uncovered John’s family’s secret.  Rather than revealing this during the interview, a representative from the magazine revealed the secret to John in a telephone call.  John sat in stunned silence while the magazine representative revealed that June and Lorraine were not his sisters, and John and Ethel May were not his parents.  The evidence provided made the claims undeniable.  John’s family had kept a secret from him his entire life.  John and Ethel May died without ever revealing that they were not his parents, as John had always been told, but his grandparents.  Lorraine, whom John thought was his sister, was actually his aunt.  John’s mother was June.  According to the researcher, John’s father was Don Furcillo-Rose.  June had gotten pregnant out of wedlock, which would have reflected badly on the whole family in that era.  After careful consideration, the family agreed to keep John’s true parentage a secret.  They hoped it would remain a secret forever.

John needed to confirm this for himself.  John and Ethel May were long dead, and June died in 1963.  The only person left alive who could verify or deny the claims of the Time magazine researcher was Lorraine.  He called and spoke with Lorraine’s husband whom he affectionately called Short.  “A guy calls me on the phone, and says that my father is still alive, and that Ethel May wasn’t really my mother, that June was my mother.”  Shorty was in disbelief and handed the phone to Lorraine.  John repeated the information.  After a moment of silence, Lorraine confirmed that the story was true although she was unaware of the identity of his real father.

John described the discovery as being “a pretty dramatic event, but it wasn’t what I’d call traumatizing.  After all, by the time I found out who my mother was, I was pretty well psychologically formed.”  He added, “I was very impressed by their ability to keep the secret, if nothing else.”  John jokingly referred to June as his “sister-mother.”

John is considered by many to be one of the greatest actors of all time.  He has won 3 Oscars and a host of other awards for films such as Terms of Endearment, As Good As It Gets, and One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.  The film for which he was being interviewed when he learned his family’s secret was called Chinatown.  You and I know John Joseph Nicholson as Jack Nicholson.


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Today in History – January 27

1606 – The trial of Guy Fawkes and his fellow conspirators began. They were executed on January 31.

1870 – Kappa Alpha Theta, the first women’s sorority, was founded at Indiana Asbury University (now DePauw University) in Greencastle, IN.

1880 – Thomas Edison patented the electric incandescent lamp.

1888 – The National Geographic Society was founded in Washington, DC.

1900 – In China, foreign diplomats in Peking, fearing a revolt, demanded that the imperial government discipline the Boxer rebels.

1926 – John Baird, a Scottish inventor, demonstrated a pictorial transmission machine called television.

1927 – United Independent Broadcasters Inc. started a radio network with contracts with 16 stations. The company later became Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS).

1931 – NBC radio debuted “Clara, Lu ’n’ Em” on its Blue network (later, ABC radio).

1943 – During World War II, the first all American air raid against Germany took place when about 50 bombers attacked Wilhlemshaven.

1944 – The Soviet Union announced that the two year German siege of Leningrad had come to an end.

1945 – Soviet troops liberated the Nazi concentration camps Auschwitz and Birkenau in Poland.

1948 – Wire Recording Corporation of America announced the first magnetic tape recorder. The ‘Wireway’ machine with a built-in oscillator sold for $149.50.

1951 – In the U.S., atomic testing in the Nevada desert began as an Air Force plane dropped a one-kiloton bomb on Frenchman Flats.

1957 – The “CBS Radio Workshop” was heard for the first time.

1967 – At Cape Kennedy, FL, astronauts Virgil I. “Gus” Grissom, Edward H. White and Roger B. Chaffee died in a flash fire during a test aboard their Apollo I spacecraft.

1967 – More than 60 nations signed the Outer Space Treaty which banned the orbiting of nuclear weapons and placing weapons on celestial bodies or space stations.

1967 – More than 60 nations signed the Outer Space Treaty which banned the orbiting of nuclear weapons and placing weapons on celestial bodies or space stations.

1973 – The Vietnam peace accords were signed in Paris.

1977 – The Vatican reaffirmed the Roman Catholic Church’s ban on female priests.

1981 – U.S. President Reagan greeted the 52 former American hostages released by Iran at the White House.

1984 – Carl Lewis beat his own two-year-old record by 9-1/4 inches when he set a new indoor world record with a long-jump mark of 28 feet, 10-1/4 inches.

1984 – Wayne Gretzky set a National Hockey League (NHL) record for consecutive game scoring. He ended the streak at 51 games.

1985 – The Coca-Cola Company, of Atlanta, GA, announced a plan to sell its soft drinks in the Soviet Union.

1992 – Former world boxing champion Mike Tyson went on trial for allegedly raping an 18-year-old contestant in the 1991 Miss Black America Contest.

1996 – Mahamane Ousmane, the first democratically elected president of Niger, was overthrown by a military coup. Colonel Ibrahim Bare Mainassara declared himself head of state.

1997 – It was revealed that French national museums were holding nearly 2,000 works of art stolen from Jews by the Nazis during World War II.

1998 – U.S. First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton appeared on NBC’s “Today” show. She charged that the allegations against her husband were the work of a “vast right-wing conspiracy.”

1999 – The U.S. Senate blocked dismissal of the impeachment case against President Clinton and voted for new testimony from Monica Lewinsky and two other witnesses.

2002 – A series of explosions occurred at a military dump in Lagos, Nigeria. More than 1,000 people were killed in the blast and in the attempt to escape.

2003 – Altria Group, Inc. became the name of the parent company of Kraft Foods, Philip Morris USA, Philip Morris International and Philip Morris Capital Corporation.

2010 – Steve Jobs unveiled the Apple iPad.

Upcoming Events

Please send non-profit calendar events to

January 27 (10 a.m. – 12 p.m.) 

LSU Ag Center – Mediterranean Diet Workshop  

Bienville Parish LSU Ag Center Extension Office- 2710 Maple Street Arcadia, LA 

Please reach out to register at 318-263-7400 

Cost is $10 and open to the public.

January 27 (5:30 p.m)

Saline High School Homecoming Coronation – Saline High School Gym

The ceremony will be held prior to the game against Dodson High School.

January 27-29 

Kidz Winter Retreat – Springhill Baptist Church, Ringgold, LA 

January 29

Jamestown Baptist Church Youth Gumbo Fundraiser – Jamestown Baptist Church – 5852 LA-154, Jamestown LA 71045

Directly following the church service which begins at 11 a.m.

February 2

Crawford Elementary 4-H Pop Tab Drive

Please collect pop tabs from sodas or canned goods, place them in a ziploc bag and bring them to the school.

Pop tabs will be sent to St. Jude Hospital to benefit families with children receiving treatment.

February 2 (5:30 p.m.)

Slabtown Meeting – Ringgold School Complex Cafeteria

February 5 (2 p.m.)

The Mysterious Mardi Gras Pop-Up Shop – Hosted by Wayne’s Seafood – Arcadia Events Center

Food Vendors, Arts, Crafts, Clothing & Accessories

February 5 (6 p.m.)

Johnathan Bond performing at Bienville First Baptist Church- 633 Main St. Bienville, LA 71008

February 19 (2:30 p.m.)

Mt. Lebanon Annual Meeting with guest speaker Dr. Cheryl White – Mt. Lebanon Baptist Church

February 22 (3 – 10 p.m.)

Project4Hope Dine to Donate and Silent Auction

Texas Roadhouse – West Monroe

Notice of Death – January 26

Notice of Death – Jan. 26, 2023

Donald Dean Stillwell

Jan. 13, 1948 – Jan. 19, 2023

Visitation: 10 a.m. until time of service Saturday, Jan. 28, 2023 at Cornerstone Ministries Cowboy Church, 494 Bethel Rd., Logansport, La.

Memorial service: 11 a.m. following visitation.

Bienville Parish Journal publishes paid complete obituaries – unlimited words and a photo, as well as unlimited access – $80. Contact your funeral provider or . Must be paid in advance of publication. (Above death notices are free of charge.)

Project4Hope providing hope to veterans

By Paige Nash

Volunteers for Project4Hope had a booth set up at the Bonnie & Clyde Trade Days this past weekend selling merchandise and taking donations to help raise money for their transitional housing program for veterans.  

Members of the Ouachita Regional Veterans Association (ORVA), a veteran run charity, began this project with hopes of ending homelessness in the central Louisiana and central Mississippi area. This much needed transitional housing will assist in eliminating at least one worry after a veteran returns home and takes those first steps adjusting back to civilian life. That is where Project4Hope comes in. 

The ORVA was able to secure 7.5 acres of property located just south of Arcadia at the intersection of Highway 9 and T. Riggs Road.  

The plan is to turn this property into an extensive and inclusive tiny home village that will serve as housing for both men and women with a few larger home options for families.  

Project Manager Sandra Jones said, “We currently have three cabins out there right now and we are looking for donations to help finish those. We are also going to be adding 2 more cabins and a community building. The next step after that will be putting in the water and sewer.” 

This will be a 90-day to 24-month transitional program where life skills, job placement, counseling programs and assistance with finding permanent housing will be available. This will be provided at no cost to the veterans. 

“I have other organizations that want to work with us to help our veterans so we will have counselors and people who are trained to help provide these services,” said Jones.  

The Project4Hope mission statement states, “We want to do the best with the resources we have. Each veteran has different needs, and we strive to provide care to the best of our abilities. We are striving to develop a fully functional facility that can house, feed and spiritually nourish each veteran back to full health and allow them to feel a sense of work and contribute in the way that best fits them.” 

A project of this magnitude requires resources, funding and a lot of support from the community. Project4Hope is currently looking for sponsors for the homes and volunteers that will come out to the property to help build them.  

The ORVA has no paid employees and is made up of strictly volunteers who are veterans or veteran supporters. If you are not able to volunteer but still want to help, you can donate. 

Your donations will go directly towards helping a veteran by assisting in the cost to build this facility and operational costs after it is completed. You can donate on their website or mail your donation to 129 T. Riggs Road Arcadia, LA 71001. 

“Each and every one of us owes a debt of gratitude to those that have gone before us and selflessly volunteered to serve in our nation’s military,” said Jones. “We would like to offer to you a way to repay that debt.” 

Webster work release inmate walks off job in Arcadia

By Bonnie Culverhouse

A Webster Parish inmate on work release in Arcadia has been arrested for walking off the job.

Harvey Major reportedly walked away from House of Raeford Farms, a Bienville Parish chicken plant early last week.

Minden Police aided Webster Parish Sheriff’s deputies in re-arresting Major, 48, for simple escape. He was found on Marion Street in Minden.

“It took a day, but we found him in some apartments in Minden,” said Sheriff Jason Parker.

Major was arrested around 9 p.m.

“He must have had someone waiting on him with a vehicle,” said Minden Police Chief Jared McIver. “It’s the only way he could’ve gotten back to Minden so quickly.”

Parker said there are around 75 or 80 inmates in the program and 80 to 90 percent of those will benefit from it.

“This one – Major – only had a couple of weeks left on his sentence, but after this, he won’t ever have another chance,” Parker said. “In fact, he will be shipped out; he won’t go back to Bayou Dorcheat Correctional Center.”

“We try to give the prisoners who meet the criteria the chance to work a job and possibly have a job when they get out prison,” he said.

This information has been provided by a law enforcement agency as public information. Persons named as suspects in a criminal investigation, or arrested and charged with a crime, have not been convicted of any criminal offense and are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.


Saline High School Homecoming Court

Saline High School Homecoming Coronation will be Friday, January 27, 2023. The ceremony will be held at the high school gymnasium at 5:30 p.m. immediately preceding the basketball game with Dodson High School.

Saline High School Seniors have been selected as King and Queen. Candidates for the SHS Homecoming activities. Candidates are Treyvon Colvin, son of Lisa and LaKeith Venzant of Lucky; William Dison, son of Charles and Aimee Dison of Saline; Shawn Staggs, son of Patrick and Jessica Staggs of Jonesboro; Kalei Nelson, daughter of Billy and April Nelson of Saline; Finley Oliver, daughter of Paul and Arlene Oliver of Saline; and Bailey Welch, daughter of Ashley and Jason Sims of Quitman and Chris and Tish Welch of Hardin, Texas.

Junior Members of the Saline High School Homecoming Court for 2022-2023 are Trenton Ledbetter, son of Colvin and Whitney Robinson of Danville; Maddox Williams, son of Noe Anderson of Arcadia and Jamie Williams of Saline; Sydney Thomas, daughter of Paul and Lisa Thomas of Saline; Kallie Wright, daughter of Danny and Bonnie Carr of Saline.

Saline High School Sophomore members of the Homecoming Court are Bray Corley, son of Heather and Richie Kelly of Saline and Josh Murphy of Jonesboro; Landon Horsfall, son of Lindsey Choate of Saline and Eddie Horsfall of Minden; Keira Blewer, daughter of Nick and Whitney Blewer of Friendship and Kristie Warren of Eros; Gabi Stewart, daughter of Thad and Jami Stewart of Saline.

The Saline High School Freshman Class representatives on the Homecoming Court are Gavon Dailey, son of Kimberly Rutherford of Dallas, Texas and Chris Dailey of Jonesboro; Eli Ferguson, son of Janie Nelson of Friendship and Joe Ferguson of Minden; Addison Davis, daughter of Darren and Carolyn Davis of Saline; Ella Dison, Charles and Aimee Dison of Saline.

The Saline High Basketball teams have chosen as their Beau, Kenton Lee Crawford, son of Kevin and Minnie Crawford of Saline; and Basketball Sweetheart, Alana Gray, daughter of Susan Gray of Lucky and Sheldrick Lard of Minden.

The SHS Homecoming Court are as follows from left to right: Landon Horsfall, Gabi Stewart, Bray Corley, Keira Blewer, Ella Dison, Gavon Dailey, Addison Davis, Shawn Staggs, Finley Oliver, Kalei Nelson, Treyvon Colvin, Bailey Welch, Will Dison, Sydney Thomas, Trenton Ledbetter, Kallie Wright, Maddox Williams, Alana Gray, Kenton Lee Crawford. Not pictured: Eli Ferguson.

Saline Marathon Runner finishes second in age group

Saline marathon runner Don Brown ran a half marathon at the Louisiana Marathon Finish Fest on Sunday, January 15.

He finished 2nd in the 70-74 age group and placed 631 out of the overall 1322 participants.

Brown said, “I had a good run up to 7 miles at Baton Rouge, then my hip went to hurting and I had to slow down for the rest of the run.”

The Finish Fest was a weekend event that featured food, local music, the Louisiana Marathon 5k, Half Marathon, Quarter Marathon and Kid’s Marathon. Runners crossed the finish line near the State Capitol Park.

Brown will be running this coming weekend at the Vermilion River Run 10 Miler in Lafayette and will be celebrating his 75th birthday on Sunday, January 29.

Good luck and happy birthday Mr. Brown.

Bienville Parish students named to NSU President/Honor List for Fall 2022

Northwestern State University announced the 566 students who were named to the Fall 2022 President’s List. These students earned a grade point average of 4.0. This list includes the names of the students in alphabetical order by town in Bienville Parish. 

Arcadia – Denieshia Davis

Bienville – Rafe Martin

Castor – Nicolas Godfrey

Coushatta – Kaitlyn Antilley, Ethan Cole-Morgan, Meagan Corley, Heidi Murray, Charli Williams

Gibsland – Tyler Sneed

Jamestown – Macey Gill

Ringgold – Avery Myers

Northwestern State University announced the names of 693 students who were named on the Fall 2022 Honor List. Students on the Honor List must be enrolled full-time at Northwestern and have a grade point average of between 3.0 and 3.49. This list includes the names of the students in alphabetical order by town in Bienville Parish. 

Bienville – Peyton Grigg, Destiny Holland

Castor – Miracle Slack

Coushatta – Alexia Adams, Chloe Boulas, Madelyn Bryant, Johnny Cox, Regan Huddleston, LaFrances Jones, Hayley Loe, Dillon Longino, Victoria Rivers, Waylon Washington

Gibsland – Cameron Murphy

Jamestown – Kerrigan Zachry

Saline – Haeven Durbin, Bethany Oliver, Mikalee Sawyer

100 Years Ago in Bienville Parish: Arcadia Decides to Pave Its Streets

By Brad Dison

One hundred years ago, the streets of Arcadia consisted of dirt roads strewn with litter.  Occasionally, workers sprayed the streets with oil to keep the dust under control.  A week earlier, the town’s chamber of commerce met to discuss ways they could clean up the town’s streets and keep them clean.  The chamber voted to send a committee before the town council to ask that they review “the old statue prohibiting the throwing of trash on sidewalks or streets on penalty of fine.”  They voted in favor of a provision to provide the town with a “scavenger wagon” or some other means of disposing of the trash that was gathering on the streets around stores and homes. 

Mayor Barnette and the town council had been working for some time on another street improvement plan.  The town was continuously spending money in an effort to keep the streets passable with little success.  The only way to eliminate the constant expense and clean up the town, they decided, was to pave the streets. 

The streets included in their plan consisted of “Maple Street from Dixi[e] highway to Railroad; Front Street from the old Goff shop property to Dallas Roberson’s transfer stable; Myrtle Street from Dixie highway to town branch, and Hazel Street from Dixie highway to Railroad.” 

The Vicksburg, Shreveport & Pacific railroad owned the majority of the property along the aforementioned streets, and therefore would be responsible for more “cash money” to cover the cost of the paving plan than any individual property owner.  R.L. Taylor, president and manager of the Arcadia Cotton Oil Mill & Mfg. Co., planned to finance the project, and would give property owners “certificates of indebtedness” for the amount spent on the paving process based on the size of their property.  The railroad company and property owners were said to be eager for the paving process to begin as it would aid in the overall prosperity of the business of the town. 

Source: Bienville Democrat, January 18, 1923, p.1.


Hornets and Lady Hornets are on a winning streak

Last Tuesday, the Hornets played Homer and won 71-65. On Friday, the Hornets played Magnolia and won 74-50. On Monday, the Hornets played Plain Dealing and won 64-52.

Last Tuesday, the Lady Hornets played Homer and won 40-29. On Monday, the Lady Hornets played Plain Dealing and won 64-30.

Arcadia Boys Basketball

Date/Time Opponent Home/Away Win/Loss Score
11/15/2022 6:00 PM Summerfield Away Win 55-51
11/17/2022 6:30 PM Minden
(Lakeside Tournament)
Away Loss 43-61
11/29/2022 6:00 PM Saline Home Cancelled Cancelled
12/1/2022 6:15 PM Ringgold
(Gibsland-Coleman Tournament)
Home Win 66-65
12/2/2022 6:15 PM Saline
(Gibsland-Coleman Tournament)
Away Win 48-42
12/3/2022 7:30 PM Gibsland-Coleman
(Gibsland-Coleman Tournament)
Away Loss 57-74
12/5/2022 7:00 PM Simsboro Away Loss 51-59
12/9/2022 7:00 PM Gibsland-Coleman Away Loss 41-66
12/12/2022 7:00 PM Ruston Home Loss 48-70
12/16/2022 4:00 PM Neville
(Ruston Tournament)
Away Loss 49-53
12/17/2022 2:00 PM Southwood
(Ruston Tournament)
Away Win 62-57
12/20/2022 7:00 PM Lincoln Preparatory School Home Loss 62-64
12/22/2022 7:00 PM Simsboro Home Win 77-57
12/23/2022 7:00 PM Gibsland-Coleman Home Win 70-65
12/30/2022 7:00 PM Jonesboro-Hodge Home Loss 32-58
1/3/2023 7:00 PM Green Oaks Home    
1/6/2023 7:00 PM Lakeside Away Win 47-38
1/9/2023 7:00 PM Glenbrook Home Win 75-31
1/10/2023 7:00 PM Ringgold Home Loss 57-66
1/13/2023 7:00 PM Haynesville Away Win 65-48
1/17/2023 7:00 PM Homer Home Win 71-65
1/20/2023 7:00 PM Magnolia School of Excellence Away Win 74-50
1/23/2023 7:00 PM Plain Dealing Away Win 64-52
1/27/2023 7:00 PM Glenbrook Away    
1/28/2023 7:00 PM Lincoln Preparatory School Away    
1/31/2023 7:00 PM Ringgold Away    
2/3/2023 7:00 PM Haynesville Home    
2/6/2023 7:00 PM Homer Away    
2/7/2023 7:00 PM Magnolia School of Excellence Home    
2/10/2023 7:00 PM Plain Dealing Home    
2/17/2023 7:00 PM Jonesboro-Hodge Away    

Arcadia Girls Basketball

Date/Time Opponent Home/Away Win/Loss Score
11/15/2022 6:00 PM Summerfield Away Win 49-35
11/15/2022 3:30 PM North DeSoto
(Lakeside Tournament)
Away Win 36-29
11/21/2022 5:40 PM Ouachita Parish
(Wossman Tournament)
Away Loss 60-62
11/22/2022 1:00 PM Neville
(Wossman Tournament)
Away Loss 41-53
11/29/2022 6:00 PM Saline Home Cancelled Cancelled
12/1/2022 5:00 PM Ringgold
(Gibsland-Coleman Tournament)
Away Win 50-3
12/2/2022 5:00 PM Saline
(Gibsland-Coleman Tournament)
Away Win 47-31
12/3/2022 6:00 PM Gibsland-Coleman
(Gibsland-Coleman Tournament)
Away Loss 48-57
12/6/2022 6:00 PM Simsboro Away Win 41-24
12/9/2022 6:00 PM Gibsland-Coleman Away Loss 33-57
12/12/2022 5:30 PM Ruston Home Win 38-36
12/14/2022 6:40 PM Mansfield
(Minden Tournament)
Away Loss 30-33
12/15/2022 4:00 PM North Caddo
(Minden Tournament)
Away Win 43-19
12/16/2022 4:00 PM Loyola Prep
(Minden Tournament)
Away Win 27-17
12/17/2022 4:00 PM Simsboro
(Minden Tournament)
Away Win 50-31
12/20/2022 6:00 PM Lincoln Preparatory School Home    
12/22/2022 6:00 PM Simsboro Home Win 45-31
12/23/2022 6:00 PM Gibsland-Coleman Home Loss 46-48
12/30/2022 6:00 PM Jonesboro-Hodge Home Win 60-30
1/3/2023 6:00 PM Green Oaks Home    
1/6/2023 6:00 PM Lakeside Away Win 55-16
1/9/2023 6:00 PM Glenbrook Home Win 63-18
1/10/2023 6:00 PM Ringgold Home Win 68-11
1/13/2023 6:00 PM Haynesville Away Win 61-30
1/17/2023 6:00 PM Homer Home Win 40-29
1/23/2023 6:00 PM Plain Dealing Away Win 64-30
1/27/2023 6:00 PM Glenbrook Away    
1/28/2023 6:00 PM Lincoln Preparatory School Away    
1/31/2023 6:00 PM Ringgold Away    
2/3/2023 6:00 PM Haynesville Home    
2/6/2023 6:00 PM Homer Away    
2/10/2023 6:00 PM Plain Dealing Home    

Lady Tigers pull a win over Red River; Tigers fall short

Last Tuesday, the Tigers played Pleasant Hill and won 67-36. On Thursday, the Tigers played Red River and lost 62-89.

On Thursday, the Lady Tigers played Red River and won 68-41.

Castor Boys Basketball

Date/Time Opponent Home/Away Win/Loss Score
11/1/2022 7:30 PM Downsville Home Win 78-17 
11/3/2022 6:30 PM Weston
(Dodson Tournament)
Away Win 64-34
11/4/2022 5:00 PM Calvin
(Dodson Tournament)
Away Loss 51-54
11/8/2022 7:00 PM Florien Away    
11/8/2022 7:00 PM Claiborne Christian Away Loss 64-66
11/11/2022 5:30 PM Pleasant Hill
(Ebarb Tournament)
Away Win 53-33
11/12/2022 12:15:00 AM Stanley
(Ebarb Tournament)
Away Loss 52-55
11/15/2022 7:00 PM Calvin Away Loss 58-66
11/18/2022 6:30 PM Claiborne Christian Home Win 61-53
11/21/2022 7:00 PM Dodson Away Cancelled Cancelled
11/29/2022 7:00 PM Stanley Home    
12/2/2022 7:30 PM Gibsland-Coleman
(Gibsland-Coleman Tournament)
Away Loss 44-75
12/6/2022 7:00 PM Saline Away Loss 41-44
12/9/2022 7:00 PM Glenbrook Away Win 82-58
12/13/2022 7:00 PM Negreet Away    
12/13/2022 7:00 PM Choudrant Home    
12/15/2022 7:30 PM Haynesville
(Castor Tournament)
Away Win 82-40
12/17/2022 1:15 PM Ebarb
(Castor Tournament)
Home Lost 47-58
12/20/2022 Ouachita Christian  Away Win 84-57
1/3/2023 7:00 PM Dodson Home Win 76-11
1/5/2023 6:00 PM Stanley Home Loss 48-70
1/6/2023 7:15 PM Downsville Away Win 63-17
1/9/2023 7:00 PM Hornbeck Away Win 70-62
1/13/2023 7:00 PM Choudrant Home Loss 39-51
1/17/2023 7:00 PM Pleasant Hill Home Win 67-36
1/19/2023 7:00 PM Red River  Away Loss 62-89
1/24/2023 6:00 PM Quitman Home    
1/27/2023 7:00 PM Doyline Away    
1/31/2023 7:00 PM Weston Home    
2/2/2023 7:00 PM Saline Home    
2/3/2023 6:00 PM Quitman Away    
2/7/2023 7:00 PM Doyline Home    
2/9/2023 7:00 PM Weston Away    
2/10/2023 7:00 PM Weston Away    
2/13/2023 6:00 PM Plainview Home    
2/17/2023 7:00 PM Calvin Home    

Castor Girls Basketball

Date/Time Opponent Home/Away Win/Loss Score
11/1/2022 6:00 PM Downsville Home Win 68-25
11/3/2022 5:00 PM Weston
(Dodson Tournament)
Away Loss 79-87
11/8/2022 6:00 PM Claiborne Christian Away Win 43-30
11/11/2022 7:00 PM Ebarb
(Ebarb Tournament)
Away Loss 29-49
11/12/2022 1:30 PM Pitkin
(Ebarb Tournament)
Away Loss 21-68
11/15/2022 5:00 PM Calvin Away Win 72-54
11/18/2022 6:00 PM Claiborne Christian Home Win 53-49
11/21/2022 6:00 PM Dodson Away Cancelled Cancelled
11/29/2022 6:00 PM Stanley Home    
12/1/2022 7:30 PM Gibsland-Coleman
(Gibsland-Coleman Tournament)
Away Loss 48-67
12/6/2022 6:00 PM Saline Away Win 51-22
12/9/2022 6:00 PM Glenbrook Away Win 68-27
12/13/2022 6:00 PM Negreet Away    
12/15/2022 6:30 PM Haynesville
(Castor Tournament)
Away Win 62-40
12/17/2022 12:00 PM Ebarb
(Castor Tournament)
Away Win 52-44
12/20/2022 6:00 PM Ouachita Christian Away Loss 42-44
1/3/2023 6:00 PM Dodson Home Win 66-31
1/6/2023 6:00 PM Downsville Away Win 69-29
1/9/2023 5:00 PM Hornbeck Away Loss 45-69
1/13/2023 6:00 PM Choudrant Home Win 67-27
1/16/2023 6:00 PM Haynesville Away Cancelled  
1/19/2023 6:00 PM Red River Away Win 68-41
1/24/2023 6:00 PM Quitman Home    
1/27/2023 6:00 PM Doyline Away    
1/31/2023 6:00 PM Weston Home    
2/2/2023 6:00 PM Saline Home    
2/3/2023 6:00 PM Quitman Away    
2/7/2023 6:00 PM Doyline Home    
2/9/2023 6:00 PM Weston Away    
2/10/2023 6:00 PM Weston Away    

Bulldogs and Lady Bulldogs go two for two

Last Tuesday, the Bulldogs played Simsboro and won 64-54. On Friday, the Bulldogs played Kilbourne and won 78-53.

Last Tuesday, the Lady Bulldogs played Simsboro and won 57-39. On Friday, the Lady Bulldogs played Kilbourne and won 47-9. 

Gibsland-Coleman Boys Basketball Schedule

Date/Time Opponent Home/Away Win/Loss Score
11/1/2022 6:00 PM Saline Away Win 59-37
11/4/2022 5:15 PM Summerfield
(Choudrant Tournament)
Away Win 70-47
11/5/2022 4:15 PM Choudrant
(Choudrant Tournament)
Away Win 64-49
11/7/2022 6:00 PM Atlanta Away Win 69-19
11/11/2022 7:00 PM Simsboro
(Gibsland-Coleman Tournament)
Away Win 61-31
11/12/2022 5:00:00 PM Atlanta
(Gibsland-Coleman Tournament)
Away Win 81-26
11/15/2022 6:00 PM Union Parish Away Win 81-38
11/16/2022 7:00 PM Lincoln Preparatory School Home P P
11/18/2022 7:00 PM Evangel Christian Home P P
11/22/2022 6:00 PM Minden Home Win 56-51
11/29/2022 6:00 PM Parkway Away P P
12/2/2022 7:30 PM Castor
(Gibsland-Coleman Tournament)
Away Win 75-44
12/3/2022 7:30 PM Arcadia
(Gibsland-Coleman Tournament)
Away Win 74-57
12/9/2022 7:00 PM Arcadia Home Win 66-41
12/10/2022 5:45 PM Rayville
(Southwood Tournament)
Away Loss 60-69
12/12/2022 7:00 PM Ringgold Home Win 80-54
12/14/2022 8:00 PM Northwood – Shrev.
(Minden Tournament)
Away Win 49-48
12/15/2022 6:40 PM Calvary Baptist
(Minden Tournament)
Away Loss 71-75
12/19/2022 7:00 PM Ruston Away Loss 31-66
12/21/2022 5:20 PM Parkway Away Loss 64-79
12/23/2022 7:00 PM Arcadia Away Loss 65-70
12/28/2022 1:30 PM Huntington
(Airline Tournament)
Away Loss 46-70
12/29/2022 12:00 PM Northwood – Shrev.
(Airline Tournament)
Away Win 58-38
12/29/2022 6:00 PM Loyola Prep
(Airline Tournament)
Away Loss 50-55
1/6/2023 7:00 PM Choudrant Home Win 58-47
1/7/2023 7:15 PM Lincoln Preparatory School Home Win 77-64
1/12/2023 7:00 PM Huntington Away Cancelled  
1/17/2023 7:00 PM Simsboro Away Win 64-54
1/20/2023 5:00 PM Kilbourne Away Win 78-53
1/24/2023 7:00 PM Summerfield Home    
1/27/2023 7:00 PM Family Community Home    
2/2/2023 7:00 PM Homer Away    
2/7/2023 6:30 PM Claiborne Christian Home    

Gibsland-Coleman Girls Basketball

Date/Time Opponent Home/Away Win/Loss Score
11/1/2022 6:00 PM Saline Away Win 55-16 
11/4/2022 4:00 PM Summerfield 
(Choudrant Tournament)
Away Win 53-38
11/5/2022 3:00 PM Choudrant
(Choudrant Tournament)
Away Win 57-6
11/7/2022 5:00 PM Atlanta Away Win 58-8
11/11/2022 6:00 PM Simsboro
(Gibsland-Coleman Tournament)
Away Win 54-40
11/12/2022 4:00 PM Atlanta
(Gibsland-Coleman Tournament)
Away Win 69-5
11/15/2022 6:00 PM Union Parish Away Loss 46-48
11/16/2022 6:00 PM Lincoln Preparatory School Home P P
11/18/2022 6:00 PM Evangel Christian Home P P
11/29/2022 6:00 PM Parkway Away P P
12/1/2022 7:30 PM Castor
(Gibsland-Coleman Tournament)
Away Win 67-48
12/3/2022 6:00 PM Arcadia
(Gibsland-Coleman Tournament)
Away Win 57-48
12/9/2022 6:00 PM Arcadia Home Win 57-33
12/10/2022 6:00 PM Huntington
(Southwood Tournament)
Away Loss 39-70
12/12/2022 6:00 PM Ringgold Home Win 71-16
12/14/2022 4:00 PM Loyola Prep
(Minden Tournament)
Away Win 49-9
12/16/2022 4:00 PM Mansfield
(Minden Tournament)
Away Win 56-36
12/17/2022 6:40 PM Minden
(Minden Tournament)
Away Win 60-35
12/19/2022 5:00 PM Ruston Away Win 43-40
12/21/2022 4:00 PM Parkway Away Loss 26-63
12/23/2022 6:00 PM Arcadia Away Win 48-46
12/28/2022 12:00 PM C.E. Byrd
(Airline Tournament)
Away Win 59-53
1/4/2023 6:00 PM Parkway Home Loss 50-54
1/6/2023 6:00 PM Choudrant Home Win 52-24
1/7/2023 6:00 PM Lincoln Preparatory School Home Win 65-10
1/12/2023 6:00 PM Huntington Home Loss 40-41
1/17/2023 6:00 PM Simsboro Away Win 57-39
1/20/2023 5:00 PM Kilbourne Away Win 47-9
1/24/2023 6:00 PM Summerfield Home    
1/27/2023 5:30 PM Family Community Home    
1/28/2023 6:00 PM Rosepine Away    
2/2/2023 6:00 PM Homer Away    
2/7/2023 5:30 PM Claiborne Christian Home    

Ladyskins lose to Haynesville; Redskins pull another win

On Friday, the Redskins played Haynesville and won 76-31. On Monday, the Redskins played Magnolia and won 75-29.

On Friday, the Ladyskins played Haynesville and lost 20-41.

Ringgold Boys Basketball

Date/Time Opponent Home/Away Win/Loss Score
11/15/2022 7:00 PM River Oaks Home Win 90-30
11/16/2022 6:30 PM North Webster
(Lakeside Tournamentaa)
Away Win 80-15
11/18/2022 6:30 PM Lakeside
(Lakeside Tournament)
Away Win 66-48
11/19/2022 4:30 PM Minden
(Lakeside Tournament)
Away Win 66-54
11/22/2022 11:30 AM Magnolia School of Excellence
(Woodlawn – Shreveport Tournament)
Away Win 76-66
11/23/2022 2:00 PM Green Oaks
(Woodlawn – Shreveport Tournament)
Home Loss 38-50
11/28/2022 7:00 PM Evangel Christian Home Loss 24-51
11/29/2022 7:00 PM River Oaks Away P P
12/1/2022 6:15 PM Arcadia Away Loss 65-66
12/5/2022 7:00 PM Lakeside Home Win 56-30
12/8/2022 7:00 PM Calvary Baptist Away Loss 53-62
12/12/2022 7:00 PM Gibsland-Coleman Away Loss 54-80
12/13/2022 7:00 PM Saline Away P P
12/14/2022 8:00 PM North Caddo
(Minden Tournament)
Home Loss 58-62
12/15/2022 5:20 PM Homer
(Minden Tournament)
Away Win 81-59
12/16/2022 8:00 PM Lakeside
(Minden Tournament)
Away Win 71-49
12/17/2022 5:20 PM Haughton
(Minden Tournament)
12/19/2022 7:00 PM North Webster Away Win 63-15
12/21/2022 7:00 PM River Oaks Away Win 74-40
12/27/2022 7:00 PM Red River Home Loss 55-59
12/28/2022 4:30 PM Captain Shreve
(Airline Tournament)
Away Loss 16-52
12/28/2022 4:30 PM Mansfield
(Airline Tournament)
Away Cancelled Cancelled
12/29/2022 4:30 PM Booker T. Washington – Shr.
(Airline Tournament)
Away Loss 31-52
1/6/2023 7:00 PM Plain Dealing Away Win 80-39
1/9/2023 7:00 PM Homer Home Win 65-32
1/10/2023 7:00 PM Arcadia Away Win 66-57
1/13/2023 7:00 PM Glenbrook Home Win 86-41
1/20/2023 7:00 PM Haynesville Home Win 76-31
1/23/2023 7:00 PM Magnolia School of Excellence Away Win 75-29
1/24/2023 7:00 PM Plain Dealing Home    
1/27/2023 7:00 PM Homer Away    
1/31/2023 7:00 PM Arcadia Home    
2/3/2023 7:00 PM Glenbrook Away    
2/7/2023 7:00 PM Haynesville Away    
2/10/2023 7:00 PM Magnolia School of Excellence Home    
2/14/2023 6:00 PM Jonesboro-Hodge Home    

Ringgold Girls Basketball

Date/Time Opponent Home/Away Win/Loss Score
11/15/2022 6:00:00 PM River Oaks Home Loss 36-50
11/16/2022 5:00 PM Lakeside
(Lakeside Tournament)
Away Win 54-34
11/18/2022 5:00 PM Minden
(Lakeside Tournament)
Away Loss 19-55
11/28/2022 6:00:00 PM Evangel Christian Home Win 42-16
11/29/2022 6:00:00 PM River Oaks Away P P
12/1/2022 5:00 PM Arcadia Away Loss 3-50
12/5/2022 6:00:00 PM Lakeside Home Win 51-42
12/8/2022 6:00:00 PM Calvary Baptist Away Loss 18-44
12/12/2022 6:00:00 PM Gibsland-Coleman Away Loss 16-71
12/13/2022 6:00:00 PM Saline Away    
12/14/2022 6:40 PM Minden
(Minden Tournament)
Away Loss 25-59
12/16/2022 6:40 PM Simsboro
(Minden Tournament)
Away Loss 29-59
12/19/2022 6:00:00 PM North Webster Home Loss 37-48
12/21/2022 7:00 PM River Oaks Away Loss 15-61
12/23/2022 6:00:00 PM Red River Home Loss 21-44
1/6/2023 6:00:00 PM Plain Dealing Away Loss 21-37
1/9/2023 6:00:00 PM Homer Home Loss 29-52
1/10/2023 6:00:00 PM Arcadia Away Loss 11-68
1/13/2023 6:00:00 PM Glenbrook Home Loss 34-47
1/20/2023 Haynesville Home Loss 20-41
1/24/2023 6:00:00 PM Plain Dealing Home    
1/27/2023 6:00:00 PM Homer Away    
1/31/2023 6:00:00 PM Arcadia Home    
2/3/2023 6:00:00 PM Glenbrook Away    
2/7/2023 6:00:00 PM Haynesville Away    

Bobcats continue winning streak, Lady Bobcats win 2 out of 3

Last Tuesday, the Bobcats played Calvin and won 75-61. On Thursday, they played Quitman and won 60-49. On Friday, they played Central- Jonesville and won 68-26. 

Last Tuesday, the Lady Bobcats played Calvin and won 55-50. On Thursday they played Quitman and lost 33-65. On Friday, they played Central- Jonesville and won 43-20.

Saline Bobcats Basketball

Date/Time Opponent Home/Away Win/Loss Score
11/1/2022 6:00 PM Gibsland-Coleman Home Loss 37-59
11/3/2022 6:45 PM Choudrant Away Loss 57-67
11/5/2022 1:45 PM Summerfield Away Loss 59-70
11/7/2022 5:00 PM Quitman Away Loss 28-48
11/10/2022 5:15 PM Weston
(Calvin Tournament)
Away Win 63-29
11/11/2022 5:15 PM Choudrant
(Calvin Tournament)
Away Loss 47-58
11/15/2022 7:00 PM Lakeview Away Loss 25-69
11/17/2022 7:00 PM Haughton
(Saline Tournament)
Away Loss 48-66
11/19/2022 7:45 PM Quitman
(Saline Tournament)
Away Loss 43-47
11/29/2022 6:00 PM Arcadia Away Cancelled Cancelled
12/2/2022 6:15 PM Arcadia
(Gibsland-Coleman Tournament)
Away Loss 42-48
12/5/2022 Ouachita Christian Home Win 55-28
12/6/2022 7:00 PM Castor Home Win 44-41
12/8/2022 7:45 PM Cedar Creek
(Cedar Creek Tournament)
Away Win 48-47
12/9/2022 7:45 PM Haynesville
(Cedar Creek Tournament)
Away Win 48-40
12/10/2022 7:00 PM Calvin Away Win 48-41
12/13/2022 7:00 PM Ringgold Home Cancelled Cancelled
12/16/2022 7:00 PM Choudrant Home Loss 42-58
12/20/2022 6:00 PM D’Arbonne Woods Charter Away Win 60-39
1/3/2023 Ouachita Christian Away Win 50-47
1/6/2023 6:00 PM Cedar Creek Away Loss 33-49
1/9/2023 7:00 PM Weston Away Win 71-68
1/10/2023 7:00 PM Atlanta Home Loss 38-50
1/13/2023 7:00 PM Dodson Away Win 65-47
1/16/2023 7:00 PM Cedar Creek Home Win 55-44
1/17/2023 7:00 PM Calvin Away Win 75-61
1/19/2023 5:00 PM Quitman Home Win 60-49
1/20/2023 5:00 PM Central – Jonesville Home Win 68-26
1/24/2023 6:00 PM Georgetown Away    
1/26/2023 6:00 PM Jonesboro-Hodge Away    
1/27/2023 7:00 PM Dodson Home    
1/31/2023 7:00 PM Atlanta Away    
2/2/2023 7:00 PM Castor Away    
2/3/2023 7:00 PM Calvin Home    
2/7/2023 5:00 PM Central – Jonesville Away    
2/10/2023 6:00 PM Georgetown Home    
2/14/2023 5:00 PM Sterlington Home    

Saline Lady Bobcats

Date/Time Opponent Home/Away Win/Loss Score
11/1/2022 6:00 PM Gibsland-Coleman Home Loss 16-55
11/3/2022 5:30 PM Choudrant
(Choudrant Tournament)
Away Winn 53-38
11/5/2022 12:30 PM Summerfield
(Choudrant Tournament)
Away Loss 38-39
11/7/2022 6:00 PM Quitman Away Loss 34-60
11/10/2022 4:00 PM Weston
(Calvin Tournament)
Away Loss 35-65
11/15/2022 6:00 PM Lakeview Away Loss 29-55
11/17/2022 6:30 PM Haughton
(Saline Tournament)
Away Loss 34-57
11/18/2022 4:00 PM Ouachita Christian Away Loss 43-58
11/29/2022 6:00 PM Arcadia Away Cancelled Cancelled
12/2/2022 5:00 PM Arcadia
(Gibsland-Coleman Tournament)
Away Loss 31-47
12/5/2022 6:00 PM Ouachita Christian  Home Loss 48-50
12/6/2022 6:00 PM Castor Home Loss 22-51
12/8/2022 4:00 PM Haughton
(Cedar Creek Tournament)
Away Loss 32-59
12/10/2022 4:30 PM Lincoln Preparatory School Away Win 41-29 
12/13/2022 6:00 PM Ringgold Home    
12/15/2022 6:00 PM Doyline Home Cancelled Cancelled
12/16/2022 6:00 PM Choudrant Home Win 37-17
12/20/2022 6:00 PM D’Arbonne Woods Charter  Away Win 48-35
1/3/2023 6:00 PM Ouachita Christian  Away Loss 20-50
1/6/2023 6:00 PM Cedar Creek Away Loss 21-61
1/9/2023 6:00 PM Weston Away Loss 26-66
1/10/2023 6:00 PM Atlanta Home Win 49-9
1/13/2023 6:00 PM Dodson Away Win 63-36
1/16/2023 6:00 PM Cedar Creek Home Loss 11-45
1/17/2023 5:00 PM Calvin Away Win 55-50
1/19/2023 6:00 PM Quitman Home Loss 33-65.
1/20/2023 5:00 PM Central – Jonesville Home Win 43-20
1/24/2023 6:00 PM Georgetown Away    
1/26/2023 6:00 PM Jonesboro-Hodge Away    
1/27/2023 6:00 PM Dodson Home    
1/31/2023 5:00 PM Atlanta Away    
2/2/2023 6:00 PM Castor Away    
2/3/2023 5:00 PM Calvin Home    
2/7/2023 5:00 PM Central – Jonesville Away    
2/10/2023 6:00 PM Georgetown Home    

Today In History – January 25

1504 – The English Parliament passed statutes against retainers and liveries to curb private warfare.

1533 – England’s King Henry VIII secretly married his second wife Anne Boleyn. Boleyn later gave birth to Elizabeth I.

1579 – The Treaty of Utrecht was signed marking the beginning of the Dutch Republic.

1799 – Eliakim Spooner patented the seeding machine.

1858 – Mendelssohn’s “Wedding March” was presented for the first time at the wedding of the daughter of Queen Victoria and the Crown Prince of Prussia.

1870 – G.D. Dows patented the ornamental soda fountain.

1881 – Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell and others signed an agreement to organize the Oriental Telephone Company.

1890 – The United Mine Workers of America was founded.

1915 – In New York, Alexander Graham Bell spoke to his assistant in San Francisco, inaugurating the first transcontinental telephone service.

1924 – The 1st Winter Olympic Games were inaugurated in Chamonix in the French Alps.

1937 – NBC radio presented the first broadcast of “The Guiding Light.” The show remained on radio until 1956 and began on CBS-TV in 1952.

1945 – Richard Tucker debuted at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York City in the production of “La Gioconda”.

1946 – The United Mine Workers rejoined the American Federation of Labor

1949 – The first Emmys were presented at the Hollywood Athletic Club.

1950 – A federal jury in New York City found former State Department official Alger Hiss guilty of perjury.

1959 – In the U.S., American Airlines had the first scheduled transcontinental flight of a Boeing 707.

1961 – John F. Kennedy presented the first live presidential news conference from Washington, DC. The event was carried on radio and television.

1964 – Nike was founded. The company was originally named Blue Ribbon Sports.

1971 – Maj. Gen. Idi Amin led a coup that deposed Milton Obote and became president of Uganda.

1981 – The 52 Americans held hostage by Iran for 444 days arrived in the United States and were reunited with their families.

1987 – The New York Giants defeated the Denver Broncos, 39-20, in Super Bowl XXI on NBC. The game featured TV commercials cost $550,000 for 30 seconds.

1998 – The Denver Broncos beat the Green Bay Packers 31-24 in Super Bowl XXXII. The Broncos had lost 3 previous Super Bowl appearances with quarterback John Elway.

1999 – In Louisville, KY, man received the first hand transplant in the United States.

2010 – In Arlington, TX, the International Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame had its grand opening.

2011 – A revolution began in Egypt with the demonstrations that demanded the end of President Hosni Mubarak’s rule.

Out with the ‘in’ crowd

“Sir, I’m sorry, but we don’t have you in our computer.”  

Can you hear worse news? 

You can — “Sorry, we’re out of bacon” — but it’s a short list.  

Such was the case this week when my friend Shine Broussard called a government entity about something governmental. 

“We don’t have you In our computer,” he was told. Cold words to hear in person, colder over the telephone. 

“Now I’m out here with the gnashing teeth bunch, out here where the sun doesn’t shine,” Shine told me. “No program. No starting lineups. No jersey numbers. ‘Not in our computer.’ I’m on an island with the lepers.”  

If you’re ‘not in our computer,’ you are a non-person, is what you are. These days, you have to be in the computer. In a lot of computers, actually. You might be in your dentist’s computer, which is good when a molar won’t behave, but being in your dentist’s computer won’t help you a lick if a kidney wants to opt out of his contract and become a free agent. Then you’d better be in your urologist’s computer. Now. Today.  

There was a time when you didn’t need to be “in our computer.” There was a time when people knew your voice on the telephone, or trusted to some extent that you were who you said you were. Those days vaporized with vaudeville.  

Then you had to be “in our files.” A lot of trees died for those files. If you wanted a Social Security check or a driver’s license renewal or a copy of your transcript, you had to be in the files.  

Now the files are “in our computer.” You are in our files and in our system if you are in our computer. And if our computer says you aren’t in there, well, you can’t argue with our computer. Forget that a computer is only as smart as its programmer, as energetic as its power source and as efficient as the person who typed you “in” to start with. 

It’s the computer, bud. Don’t argue with it. You might as well try to win a spat with Aunt Ethel about how to cook greens or shell peas or do the jitterbug or read your Bible. Good luck with that!  

So if you’re not In The Computer, you’re out of the loop. In a fix. Up a creek. Down the river. Out of luck. In a jam. Between a rock and a hard place. Out of the picture. Off the radar. 

“Sir, I’m sorry, but we don’t have you in our computer.” (That’s just one frantic, lonely step removed from the hazy “I’m sorry, but our system’s down” No-Man’s Land. If the system’s down, you might as well call in the general and tinkle on the fire because the game, my dear friend, is over.) 

I can imagine the computer people talking on their break. “Some poor guy called and wasn’t in the computer. I mean, come on! Idiot…Haha. Hahahahaha….!” 

Makes you jealous of people who are “in.” Things are easier for the in’s among us. But how did they get in, anyway? Being “not in” makes you feel like those people Hunter S. Thompson wrote about in the Gonzo Papers, people who chase something they’ll never so much as sniff. Missing. Back-ordered. No teng .Vaya con dios. Seeya! 

But do you really want to pay the price for ins-manship? First-born child? Life savings? Moe Bandy record collection? What do I have to give up? And here’s a question: What if you get in and you can’t get OUT? There’s you a pickle. 

Such are modern times. All the more reason to hope that when I meet St. Peter, I’m in the computer and the system’s not down. 

(Originally ran August of 2010, when all the computers seemed hot and angry … ) 

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