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Governor Outlines $1.6 Billion Post-Pandemic Recovery Plan

Yesterday, Gov. John Bel Edwards outlined his plan for spending $1.6 billion in federal funding coming to Louisiana through President Joseph R. Biden’s American Rescue Plan to keep Louisiana on the road to post-pandemic recovery by investing in infrastructure, keeping the state’s Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund solvent, addressing Louisiana’s aging water systems, assisting the tourism industry and supporting Louisiana’s ports.

The state is awaiting final federal guidance on spending these ARP dollars. The $1.6 billion represents the first amount of funding Louisiana will draw down, with additional funding being used to address long-term priorities in future years.

“At our COVID-19 bottom, Louisiana’s economy was generating about 86 percent of our pre-virus economic output. Today, we’re back to more than 94 percent of pre-COVID levels, and growing. There is no doubt that Louisiana is on the mend, but we still need some help in order to make a full recovery. By investing these American Rescue Plan dollars wisely, we can shore up our unemployment insurance trust fund and avoid businesses paying higher taxes, continue to chip away at Louisiana’s backlog of infrastructure projects, support our tourism industry and improve our aging water infrastructure,” Gov. Edwards said. “I am deeply grateful to President Biden for his commitment to helping Louisiana kickstart its economy again after the crushing blow dealt to our country by the COVID-19 pandemic.”

“I’m so thankful the Governor recognizes the importance of tourism and supports our efforts to reignite the state’s fourth largest industry,” said Lieutenant Governor Billy Nungesser. “As every destination on the globe fights for potential visitors, these funds will give us the means to advertise and market our great state during a time of unprecedented competition. We want Louisiana to stand out from the crowd as a top travel destination.”

Governor Edwards’ priorities for the first $1.6 billion in funding are:

  • Shoring up the Unemployment Trust Fund – $400 million
  • Unemployment Insurance loan payment – $230 million
  • Infrastructure – $400 million
  • Water and Sewer Systems – $300 million
  • Tourism and Convention and Visitors Bureaus – $125 million
  • Department of Culture Recreation and Tourism – $20 million
  • Louisiana Ports – $50 million

Opportunity: Secretary

POSITION: Secretary

LOCATION: Central Office

QUALIFICATIONS: High School Diploma or equivalent, Associate or Bachelor’s Degree preferred, excellent communication skills, and proficiency in computer skills.

SALARY: According to Parish Salary Schedule


WHERE TO APPLY: Linda Page, Personnel Director

Natchitoches Parish School Board
P. O. Box 16
Natchitoches, LA 71458-0016
(318) 352-2358

DEADLINE: Monday, May 3, 2021
4:00 p.m.

APPLICATIONS: Application packet should consist of a letter of application, resume’, official transcript, and two
letters of reference.

Last Day to Bid on the Arcadia Outlet Mall is Approaching

According to Mayor O’Landis Millican, the Town of Arcadia is accepting bids for the Outlet Mall until 5:00 p.m. on May 10th, 2021. 

Any interested parties can drop their bids off the Arcadia Town Hall or leave it in the Town Hall’s drop box.  You can also mail bids to:

Arcadia Town Hall
1819 S Railroad Ave
Arcadia, LA 71001

There are two stipulations to placing a bid on the Arcadia Outlet Mall:

  • The minimum bid is $400,000.00.  
  • The new owner must honor existing contracts with current tenants.  

Current tenants include

  • All Seasons Scrubs & Uniforms
  • Scrugg’s Corner New & Used Furniture
  • S&P’s Barber & Styling Acadmey
  • Lady Lee Beauty Supply
  • XeKUTE Clothing Boutique
  • Pafford Uniforms


Print this page to work the puzzle.

In Cryptoquotes, one letter stands for another. In the example above, Z is used for two E’s, I for the two N’s, etc. Single letters, double letters, apostrophes, the length and formation of the words are all hints. The code letters change with each puzzle.



Cryptoquote solution from April 23rd:  “Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else.” ~ Margaret Mead

Work on Gibsland Branch of Bienville Parish Library is Progressing

Workers are making good progress on the Gibsland branch of Bienville Parish Library.  Triad Builders of Ruston is still on schedule to complete the new building this Fall.  Bricklayers are putting the finish touches on the brickwork, and it’s looking more and more like Architect Wayne Coco’s impression of the completed building.  

Architect Wayne Coco of Simmesport, Louisiana, designed the Gibsland branch building and has designed several other projects for the Bienville Parish Library system.

Suzanne James, library public relations manager said, “The Bienville Parish Library and Library Board of Control have been working for about two years to bring a library branch to Gibsland and we are so excited to finally see all that hard work come to fruition. This will be a part-time branch, open Mondays, Wednesdays, and Friday from 8:15 to 5:00 and Saturdays from 8:15 to noon.”

Architect Wayne Coco’s impression of the completed Gibsland branch.

An Anglers Learning Curve

As a young fisherman growing up in East Texas during the 70’s, there wasn’t a lot of material available on how to be a better angler. Sure, you could go down to the local library and maybe find a few books to check out but nothing that really made you sit up and take notice. Then came along Bassmaster Magazine, oh my Lord, are you kidding me? Wow…I mean it was the greatest thing to ever happen to bass fishing!

Finally, a monthly publication dedicated to nothing but bass fishing. It definitely shortened the learning curve of my generation. It had full color sketches of baits and techniques, how to fish wood, how to fish hydrilla (grass), and even how to make the proper cast. It had tips and pointers on how to catch fish under all conditions. It gave the results of all B.A.S.S. (Bass Angler Sportsman’s Society) tournaments and how the pro anglers caught their fish. It even had “best times to fish” calendar for every day of the month based on the moon phases. I mean are you kidding me, the moon phases. Who knew the moon had an impact on when a bass would feed or not feed. This was pure science for those of you that think bass fishing is all luck. Leave it to Bassmaster Magazine to be the educational leader of the outdoors world. I would literally sit by the mailbox near the end of each month just waiting for mine to be delivered. Nothing lit my fire for reading more than Bassmaster Magazine! It’s probably responsible for correcting my dyslexia issue I had in my early elementary years. That’s how good Bassmaster Magazine was and still is today.

Then came VHS tapes and so many videos that showed live footage of catching bass. Videos showing live underwater footage of bass in their natural environment. They had one called “Big Mouth” that showed an angler fishing a crankbait with two sets of treble hooks and a bass inhaling the lure and spitting it out and the angler never knew he had a bite. It was insane to think a bass could actually do this! Videos took bass fishing to a whole other level. They had professional bass fishermen like Bill Dance, Virgil Ward, John Fox, Ricky Green, Bobby & Billy Murray and one angler who many consider to be the best angler ever Roland Martin doing video presentations. “How to” videos designed to shorten your learning curve and make you a better angler. Of course, if you had a VCR to play your VHS tapes, you were considered wealthy. But once they became more affordable, everyone had one. You could even go to Blockbuster Video Store and rent these bass fishing tapes. How cool was that?

For today’s anglers, it’s a whole other world with the amount of bass fishing videos, books and magazines available. Oh, then came this thing called the internet which has more information than hundreds of thousands of libraries. It’s an information highway that has given anglers of today the ability to look up any topic about every facet of bass fishing. There are even videos from average anglers that like to share their fishing experiences and information via GoPro cameras. So, the learning curve for today’s anglers has been cut in half. Instead of taking years to accumulate knowledge like it has for my generation, today’s generation can learn the same amount of information in just a few weeks. But there’s one thing I’ve learned over my 40 plus years of bass fishing experience: there’s no replacing time on the water. No book, no video and no internet can replace time on the water. This is how an average angler can become a great angler. Till next time, don’t forget to set the hook!

Steve Graf
Hook’N Up & Track’N Down Show
And Tackle Talk Live

BP Journal Adds Rare Bonnie & Clyde Film to Its Archive

Whether we like it or not, Bonnie and Clyde will be forever connected to Bienville Parish.  Bonnie and Clyde’s multiple-year violent crime spree ended the lives of several people, including their own.  On May 23, 1934, law enforcement officers ended their lives by gunfire on Hwy 154 about three miles west of Mt. Lebanon in Bienville Parish.   

Click here to view the Bonnie and Clyde Collection

If you have photos or video to contribute to this collection, please contact the Journal at BPJNewsLA@gmail.com.