Family Dollar/Dollar Tree Combo Store Coming Soon

Construction workers are building a new combination Family Dollar and Dollar Tree store on Louisiana Highway 507 behind Byrd’s Corner Store in Castor. Castor’s Mayor Vicki Pickett said “One side of the store will be red and the other side will be ‘Castor green.’” The combination stores usually range from 9,000 to 11,000 square feet. At 11,351 square feet, the Castor store will be the largest one they have built to date, at a cost of approximately $850,000.00. Mayor Pickett said workers “should be pouring concrete Saturday, [March 6th] depending on the weather. [The combination store] will bring in sales tax revenue and will offer employment opportunities.”

Family Dollar asserted that “Historically, small towns have had very limited retail options. Shoppers often travel long distances to meet all of their shopping needs. We are changing that.” The combo store is building on the success of both brands, Dollar Tree and Family Dollar. “We have created a new format for populations of 3,000 to 4,000.

(Photo courtesy of Family Dollar)
A Similar Combo Store (Photo Courtesy of Family Dollar)

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