A Bunch of Big Mouths at His Mission Bass Tournament

On Saturday, March 13th, fourteen teams competed in the His Mission Bass Tournament at Grand Bayou. The teams began fishing at daylight when the temperature was in the upper 50s. By the afternoon, the temperature was in the upper 70s. Just before 2 pm, boats began returning to the boat launch with their catch for the weigh in. Most importantly, the bass tournament raised $280 for His Mission, a local non-profit multi-denominational team of men and women who do projects for the betterment of the community. Here are the final results of the tournament:

First Place:  Jerry Hester & Will Giddings (not pictured)    Weigh-In: 21.35 lbs.  Payout: $425

Second Place:  Danny Carr & Glen Davis  Weigh-In:  17.60 lbs.  Payout: $195

Third Place:  Cole Britt & Jake Johnson  Weigh-In:  16.81 lbs.  Payout:  $80

Biggest Bass of the Day:  Ken Roberts  Weigh-In:  6.23 lbs.  Payout: $140

Honorable Mentions:

Eathon Liles and Damon Whitman

Bubba Pardue and Jeff Neatherland

Timbob Havard and Kane Norred

Jacob Branch

Ken Roberts and Paul Thomas