100 Years Ago – First Ice Manufactured in Arcadia Last Week

The Arcadia Ice & Fuel Co’s plant was completed and began operation last week, which is very gratifying to the people of Arcadia, as they are now assured of getting ice regularly and at a much cheaper price than they have in the past.

The plant is housed in a brick building which was erected especially for that purpose and the machinery is all new and up-to-date, and the capacity of the plant is from 12 to 15 tons per day or every 24 hours.  This new enterprise is a credit to our town and Arcadia people are justly proud of their ice plant.

Superintendent Lawrence Daniel informs us that he has already purchased machinery for an ice cream factory which will be installed at a very early date, and that he will be able to furnish Arcadia and vicinity ice cream equally as cheap as outside factories and that there will be a saving of the express charges, which is quite an item.

We feel sure that the new ice plant and the ice cream factory will be a success under the management of Mr. Daniel, as he is capable and energetic, and possesses the determination that it takes to succeed in business.

Source:  The Bienville Democrat, March 17, 1921, p.1.

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