100 Years Ago in Bienville Parish – Man Slain By Son at Danville

When was the list time you saw Danville in the news?

According to an article in the March 24, 1921 issue of the Bienville Democrat, John Williams, aged 45, whose home was near Danville was shot and killed instantly early Monday morning, March 21st, by his son, Frazier Williams, age about 22, who is still at large.

Sheriff John Currie, accompanied by Marshall John W. Boddie, left Arcadia Monday morning after being notified of the killing to make an investigation.  While investigating the killing, he also learned of the presence of a whiskey still in that locality operated by Dan Williams, a brother of the man who was killed, and by Frazier Williams, who is being sought in connection with the murder of his father.  Sheriff Currie took possession of the still and arrested Dan Williams, who is now in the parish jail pending further developments in the case.

After returning with his prisoner, the sheriff left again for Danville to make further investigation and to try to locate Frazier Williams.

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