Ringgold Police Department Offers Help with Warrants and Tickets

If you received a summons or ticket from Ringgold Police Department in recent months, Ringgold Police Department is offering an opportunity to resolve them.

Due to Covid restrictions in the previous months, jails only accepted people who had committed serious offenses such as rape, murder, and other crimes of violence. In cases where the crimes were less serious, the Ringgold Police Department wrote a lot of summonses. The Ringgold Police Department is requesting that people who received those summonses to come to the police department to get a new court date. People who received summonses have until Wednesday, May 12th at 5:00 p.m. to resolve them. After that deadline, those with outstanding warrants will be arrested.

People who have outstanding tickets will also have an opportunity to resolve them. They will receive $100 bond per charge and will get a new court date. For instance, if a person received two tickets, he/she will receive a $200 bond ($100 per charge) and the rest must be paid before or on the set court date.

1. Ringgold Police Department Captain Michael Gillie, phone conversation with Brad Dison, May 5, 2021.