State Expands LA Wallet to Include COVID-19 Vaccine Verification

Louisianans who choose to do so are now able to access their COVID-19 vaccination record through a new, optional feature of the state’s digital driver’s license, the LA Wallet app, Gov. John Bel Edwards announced on Wednesday.

“If someone wants to have a digital copy of their vaccination record, they should be able to easily get one at no cost, which is what this optional feature of LA Wallet allows them to do. This enhancement is about connecting people with their own personal health information in a simple, secure way,” Gov. John Bel Edwards said. “The LA Wallet app is free, safe, and private and people who use it are assured that their personal health information is well protected.”

Editor’s Note:  According to the Governor’s press release, the app is free.  This is incorrect.  According to the terms of service when I tried to install the app on May 6, 2021, “Payment for the Application (APP) is only $5.99 for the entire term of use, which allows you to license this Application for the duration of your current physical Louisiana driver’s license.”  

LA Wallet launched in 2018 as Louisiana’s Digital Driver’s License App. It is available on both the Apple App store and the Google Play store and is a legal driver’s license for all in the state of Louisiana. Live helpdesk, chat, and the LA Wallet website will be available for support.

People without access to smartphones can get printed copies of their vaccine records from their parish health unit or from any provider that administers vaccines and uses the LINKS system. Residents can also print their complete immunization record through MyIR.

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