Fishing, Hunting, Boating License Restructure Plan Moves to Senate; Proposed Price Increases

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries’ proposed legislation for license restructuring went to the floor of the House of Representatives last week.

The restructure plan was approved, with some changes, and is now at the Senate.

If passed:

  • Boat Registration will be simplified but will increase in most cases. (see Revised License Restructure Plan below)
  • Hook & Line Fishing License will double from $2.50 to $5.00
  • Freshwater/Basic Fishing License will increase from $9.50 to $17.00, but will include certain privileges that fisherman currently have to pay extra for such as:
    • Res Rec Wire Net (5) $20.00
    • Res Rec Pipes/Drums (5) $10.00
    • Res Rec Cans/Buckets (5) $10.00
    • Resident Hoop Nets (5) $20.00
    • Res Rec Crawfish Traps (5) $15.00
    • Res Rec Slat Traps (5) $20.00
  • Basic Hunting License will increase from $15.00 to $20.00.
  • Res Big Game will be renamed Res Deer and will increase from $14.00 to $15.00, but will include certain privileges that hunters currently have to pay for individually such as:
    • Res Bow Hunting $10.50
    • Res Primitive Firearm $10.50
  • Res Big Game (Currently $14.00) and Res Wild Turkey (Currently $5.50) will be combined into Res Wild Turkey, and will be $12.00.
  • Res La Duck will be renamed Res Waterfowl and will increase from $5.50 to $12.00.

Many people visited the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries’ Facebook page and expressed their irritation at the proposed price increases.

  • Bruce Dauzat said, “Basic fishing will be outrageous. Most people won’t need/use the extras on the revised license. Senior hunt/fish comb takes a $15 increase, really?!”
  • Daniel Wilson said, “What’s it going to take for you to understand this is a terrible idea? All your going to do here is drive people away.”
  • David Foote said, “Glad I have my lifetime hunting and fishing license already.”
  • Adam Downing said, “Gotta love paying more for no added value…”
  • Lon Prioux said, “Seems like us Seniors will get a 300% increase in our licensing this year? Remember this at election time!!!”
  • Scott Farar said, “Did I read it right it’s gunna cost me $27 a day to hunt and camp in the wma now???? I must of read it WRONG??????? LOL I’ll never step foot on one again if this is true.”

What is your opinion of the Revised License Restructure?

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