Castor Freedom Fest Treasure Hunt Clue #3

Clues will be posted daily until Friday, July 2nd at City Hall by 9:00 am, and on Bienville Parish Journal website and Facebook page. If no one finds the treasure, one last clue will be posted early Saturday morning. If the treasure is not found, it will be added to the 2021 Pine Beetle Festival Treasure Hunt amount.

Clue #1

It’s not gonna be easy,
Search high and low,
Stay on public land…
Your success depends on which way you go.

Your starting point is the 4 way in Castor,
Don’t go the wrong way or it will be a disaster.
North, South, East or West?
Be sure the way you chose is the best.

Clue #2

Hidden in the Castor School District,
Is this years treasure.
Being out in this heat is no pleasure.

Stay hydrated if you want to win.
If you get too hot you may have to jump in
In the heat of the day you’ll be longing for shade
But if it pays off you’ll be glad you played.

Clue #3

Bring a chair on Saturday
To sit and watch the show.

The sky will be bright and beautiful
But treasure hunters should look low

“Red and yellow kill a fellow”
is a good reptile reminder
but those two colors in this case
Will make a happy finder

Good Luck!!!

Be sure to join the festivities at Castor’s First Annual Freedom Fest this Saturday.  CLICK HERE for more information.

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