Library Cards Offer Superpowers


School has started and whether you’re in a school classroom, hybrid learning, virtual learning, or homeschool, there is one school supply that will give you superpowers — a Bienville Parish Library card! When you get to your sixth birthday (or your parents or guardian feels you’re ready), it’s time to get your first library card!

You need a few things before you can get your card and here’s your list:

  1. An adult with ID: it can be a parent or legal guardian and they will need a valid photo ID.
  2. Proof of residence: a piece of mail addressed to your parent’s/guardian’s house where you live. (water bill, electric bill, or any piece of mail with a physical house address printed on the envelope.)
  3. Most important: YOU! We need you to be with your parents or guardian so you can sign or print your first and last name neatly on the signature line!


Your first library card is free, but if you happen to lose it, or your dog chews it up, it’s $1.00 to replace! You’ll receive your library card and a nifty pocket sleeve protector to store your card in so it won’t get bent and protect your personal ID barcode. Your librarian might give you a few other things like a book bag to keep your library books safe from pets or a little brother or sister! Ask your librarian for a few bookmarks to help save your place as you’re reading, (NOTE: Librarians cry when you dog-ear pages! So ALWAYS use a bookmark!)

You can check out three (3) books the very first time. Your books will be due back in two weeks, and when you return them on or before the due date, you can check out more (with permission from your parent or guardian). This shows adults, and especially your favorite librarian, you are grown up and can handle this awesome borrowing responsibility!


Yes, fines happen, even to superheroes — If you do happen to have an overdue fine, it’s 5-cents a day per book – so pay attention to the due dates! Your due date is printed on a receipt and placed in your book. Be sure to keep up with that receipt. If you haven’t finished reading your books by the due date, you can renew your books at any Bienville Parish Library – that’s pretty cool. Turn in the books you have finished reading and renew the book(s) you haven’t finished yet and check out more – all your books will be due at the same time!


A library card is your passport to great knowledge! There are all kinds of books, fiction and non-fiction that will boost your brainpower! If homework is your kryptonite, your neighborhood Bienville Parish Library has access to HomeworkLA, a FREE online tutoring service that will help you defeat villainous subjects and get your GPA soaring again! There are tons of online databases and applications that will help you with school projects and bulk-up serious brain muscle!


Let’s introduce you to just a couple of our newest Superhero Readers! We’ll go in alphabetical order – because that’s how librarians like to do things!

Meet Walker S. Cutlip, he’s just gotten his first library card! He is now part of a special group of kids with a Bienville Parish Library card and calls Arcadia Main his home library – He’s energized with superpowers! We’ll be seeing more of Walker and his family at the library! Congratulations Walker!

Now let’s meet Luis P. Wilson, V., he’s received his first library card from the Castor Branch. Luis and his parents have close ties to the Castor Library and are huge supporters of their neighborhood Bienville Parish Library! The Wilsons’ are the proud parents of a superhero reader! Congratulations Luis!


All superheroes need super friends, so get to know your neighborhood Bienville Parish Librarians! They’ll help you find new books, new authors, new information, and help you connect you to the world!

When you’re ready for your library card, visit your neighborhood Bienville Parish Library, get your library card, and become a Superhero Reader!

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