100 Years Ago in Bienville Parish – Gibsland Boy Injured when Hit By Truck

On Saturday morning, August 20, 1921, Paxton Callihan was making ice deliveries in Gibsland.  In the days before electricity, people regularly purchased ice from a local ice plant and had it delivered to their residence.  Before the invention of the refrigerator, people placed large blocks of ice and food they wanted to keep cool in an ice box.  Many people still refer to their refrigerator as an ice box. 

As Paxton was driving through Gibsland, 10-year-old Richard Hart ran in front of the truck.  Paxton had no time to swerve or to stop.  The ice truck rocked as it ran over young Richard.  Paxton must have thought he had killed the child.  Once he was able to stop, Paxton and several bystanders ran to Richard to check on his condition.  To their relief, Richard was alive.  The wheels of the truck had broken one of Richard’s legs.  They quickly took Richard to the local doctor for medical attention.  Richard was certainly more cautions around vehicles after this harrowing incident.

Source:  Bienville Democrat, September 1, 1921, p.1. 

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