LA Archaeological Society Newsletter Article on Bienville Parish Indian Mound Research

The Fall Newsletter of the Louisiana Archaeological Society contains an article about several Indian mounds in Bienville Parish.  While researching another Bienville Parish topic, Brad Dison, editor of the Bienville Parish Journal, located a document written in 1935 which described several Indian mounds in the Gibsland area.  

Dison contacted Northwestern State University professor of Anthropology Dr. Pete Gregory.  Dr. Gregory said that the mounds were most likely of the Caddo tribe and date bake to 900 to 1500 A.D.  Dr. Gregory explained that some artifacts from this period and possibly from these locations are in the collections at NSU’s Williamson Museum.  Dr. Gregory suggested Dison contact Dr. Charles “Chip” McGimsey, State Archaeologist to see if the mounds were recorded with the state.  

Dr. McGimsey was excited to hear about the Indian Mounds in and near Gibsland.  Dr. McGimsey said Mr. William Walker Todd of Gibsland helped archaeologists record some of these sites with the state in the 1950s and 1960s.  Dr. McGimsey said, “We have very little information about each, but at least we have a dot on a map saying where they are.  If you are able to track down the current landowners and they are amenable, I would be very interested in visiting all of these sites with you.” 

From there, Dison contacted Bienville Parish Clerk of Court Eddie Holmes to see if he could assist in tracking down the current landowners.  He had never heard of Indian Mounds in Gibsland and was excited to join the search.  Within a short time, Holmes located a map which showed the location of at least one of the Indian Mounds.  

Once the proper permissions have been granted, Dr. McGimsey, Holmes, and Dison plan to visit each of the mentioned Indian Mounds.  Look for a follow-up article in the Bienville Parish Journal. 

Do you know of any Indian sites within the parish?  Do you have any Indian artifacts found in the parish?  Please contact the Journal at 

The article pertaining to the Indian Mounds in and near Gibsland is on page 25 of the newsletter.   

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