Letter to the Editor: Vote For Millage Renewal this December

To the citizens of Bienville Fire Protection District 7, 

We want to start off by saying Bienville Parish Fire Protection District 7 would like to sincerely thank the citizens of District 7 for the many years of support. Your support has been vital to the department in many ways to protect all of our citizens in many areas of public safety.

When you head to the polls in December you will see a millage RENEWAL, not a new tax on the ballot. This millage will be the same millage that you all have approved for years allowing Bienville Fire Protection District to provide FIRE/EMS/RESCUE services. This millage is renewed every 10 years.  This money is used to provided Fire, Emergency medical and Rescue responses throughout the district and is a vital millage to continue to provide these services. We will continue to provide the best services that we can and move the department forward to give the citizens of this district quality service.

With your support, the Bienville Fire Protection District 7 has completed and grown in several areas throughout the past several years.

  • Improved response times with rapid response EMS vehicles and Command Vehicles. Due to very extended ambulance response times, medically trained Emergency Medical First Responders are a vital part of this district.
  • Increased on duty coverage with Advanced Life Support Medical care.
  • Smoke Detector Installation Program- Free Installs.
  • 3 Lifepak Cardiac monitors were added to allow for better patient care while on scene awaiting medical transport.
  • Interagency Operability with local, regional, state, and federal agencies.
  • Applied for and received multiple grants.
  • Emergency Pre-Planning throughout the entire district to include high hazard areas to help mitigate emergency scenes
  • Several new Fire apparatuses to help with water supply throughout the district and to assist with PIAL rating to allow us to achieve a better rating in order to lower property insurance rates throughout the district.
  • New stations have been built to house new apparatus throughout the district.
  • Updated medical supplies and equipment that can be used during those critical times to help our citizens of the district.
  • Certified Firefighters, Certified EMT’s, and a NREMT-Paramedic added to our staff
  • A Junior Firefighter program was started to recruit the younger citizens of our district to allow them training and future job opportunities.
  • Upgraded structural bunker gear and extrication gear for emergency responses.

Bienville Fire Protection District 7 will continue to strive for better protection for our citizens, we sincerely want to thank you again for your continued support and ask for your SUPPORT on the upcoming millage RENEWAL in December.

If anyone has any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the department (318) 395-3556.

Respectfully submitted,

Bienville Parish Fire Protection District 7
Fire Chief:  Chase Walsworth
Deputy Fire Chief: Bill Dabbs
Board Members: Stephen Brown, Bennie Martin, Ronnie Matthews, Cassandria Peoples

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