Jury Commission and Clerk’s Office have Drawn Next 6 Month of Jury Terms – Lists Attached

Yesterday, Clerk of Court Eddie Holmes explained the process of jury selection.

“One of the many responsibilities of your Clerk’s office,” Holmes said, “is to ensure the fair and impartial drawing of citizens to serve as potential jurors.

Today, the Bienville Parish Jury Commission met to oversee the drawing of the next 6 months of jury terms. The commissioners review the list for each term and discuss any potential issues or errors among them.

Any issue is flagged for investigation and that name is temporarily removed from the jury pool until the outcome is decided. Typical issues include address errors, active military service, death, and age or health related disabilities.

The following terms were drawn for the year 2022. Please note that these terms are NOT OFFICIAL UNTIL SUMMONS HAVE BEEN ISSUED. You may not be excused or removed from the list until a term has been called to service and summons have been issued.”

Click on the title below to open each list or click on the download button to download the lists.

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