“Better Bienville Neighbors” Email Group Set To Help Parish Residents

Clerk of Court Eddie Holmes posted the following statement and call to action on the Clerk’s Facebook page: 

“We have a community full of people with a heart to serve, but who may not be sure where or how to start.  Let’s start off 2022 by coming together. We are launching the Better Bienville Neighbors email group!”

Holmes pointed out that “Your email will never be used to spam, advertise or contact you beyond the purposes stated. This is solely for communication regarding the program.”

If you are interested in helping others in your community, sign up with your desired email below.

If you’re a Bienville Parish Resident and have something you need help with, please fill out the following form so your neighbors can try to help you.

Holmes explained that, “You only have to ask and if one of the volunteers thinks they can help, they will reach out to you. No public posts, no embarrassment, no sense of burden.  Just ask.

Please share this post, or the link in your own post. Let your community know that there are people here who want to help.”

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