Updated – Residents of Southern Part of Parish Get Unexpected Airshow – Videos Attached

by Brad Dison

UPDATE:  Journal Reader Elizabeth Morgan shared her video of the flyover.  View it below.

Yesterday, people in the southern part of the parish got an unexpected air show of sorts.  My son and I were playing ball in the warmth of the winter sun when a noise overhead caught our attention.  A large military cargo airplane was directly overhead and just above the tree line.  It was unnerving at first.  I wondered if there was an emergency situation.  Was the plane in distress?  The plane was banking away from us or I am certain we could’ve seen the pilot.  Then, a smaller – but not small by any means – spotter plane trailed behind the cargo plane.  I suspect they were on a training mission.  Before I could get my phone out to take video, they were out of sight behind the tree line.  They were that low.  I returned my phone to my pocket and returned to playing ball. 

A few minutes later, the planes were overhead again.  I got my phone out in my second attempt to capture it on video.  This time I only got the tail of the second airplane just as it went behind the tree line.  I waited with my phone at the ready for the next flyover. 

Finally, the planes returned albeit a little further away.  I waited in vain for another flyover.  Several people I spoke with mentioned seeing the planes yesterday and the day before in what was most likely a training exercise.  Take a look at the video below. 

Did you see the planes?  Did you get pictures or video of them?  If so, please share them with the Journal.  If you have video or pictures of anything that you think may be of interest to the people of the parish, please share them with the Journal. 

Please email BPJNewsLA@gmail.com.

Thank you, Elizabeth Morgan, for sharing your video of the flyover.  

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