100 Years Ago: Arcadia High School Wins Handwriting Contest

In the age of computers, penmanship has largely been rendered obsolete.  Where we once wrote letters and sent postcards to our family and friends, now we send emails and text messages.  When was the last time you mailed a handwritten letter or postcard?  100 years ago, people practiced their handwriting skills to perfection.    

On Friday, April 21, 1922, schools in the parish participated in a handwriting contest.  When the points were tallied, Arcadia High School had won the prized fountain pen.  Lee School won the fountain pen in the competition between the “graded schools.”  Below is a list of points earned by each school.

Do you recognize the names of all of the schools?  

High School Scores

School Total Points
Arcadia 304
Jamestown 214
Castor 200
Ringgold 158
Saline 82
Gibsland 78
Hope 70
Bienville 66
Bryceland 28

Rural “Graded” Schools

School Total Points
Lee 257
Brown 249
Oak Grove 81
Mt. Olive 74
Bryan 52
Bear Creek 37
Taylor 34
Friendship 30
Madden 25
Black Lake 23
Center 18
Smith 17
Ebenezer 17
Eldorado 16
New Ramah 14
Sailes 11
Jackson 11
Danville 11
Alabama Line 10
New Enterprise 6
Zion Hill 4
Ridge 3
Liberty Hill 1
Holder 1

Source: Bienville Democrat, May 4, 1922, p.1.

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