Sheriff’s Office Seeks Help Locating Men Missing from Saline Area

The Bienville Parish Sheriff’s Office needs your help in locating two missing men.  

For the past several months, the Sheriff’s Office has been investigating the disappearance of Anthony “Tyrone” Lard and John “MeMe” Combs, Jr. from the Saline area on or about November 26, 2021.

Sheriff John Ballance said family members first thought the men, who he describes as “running buddies,” decided to leave the area, but now they are concerned.  “We don’t have bodies. We don’t have a crime scene,” Sheriff Ballance said.  “We had people in the Saline area saying they saw both of them get in a pickup truck with Mississippi plates. We know where that pickup is. We know where the individual is that drives the truck because he’s in our jail. And we’ve spoken to him and he’s probably gonna be one of them that’s going to be polygraphed if he’ll do it,”

Lard is described as a 55 year old black male, 6′ 1″, 180 lbs. with a tattoo of a spider on his upper left arm and is from the Saline area.

Combs is described as a 48 year old black male, 5′ 11″, 220 lbs. with a tattoo on his right arm in the shape of the state of Louisiana.  Although Combs is from the Chatham area, he frequented the Saline area often.

Investigators have interviewed family and associates of both men but have no solid leads as to the men’s whereabouts. Investigators have been told that both men were in need of money and were wanting to “get out of town” which leads investigators to believe both men possibly owed money to one or more individuals. Lard was due an injury lawsuit settlement and was daily contacting his attorney about the insurance award but has not had contact with the attorney since late November, 2021. Combs who took medications for undisclosed ailments/illnesses has not obtained his medications since the November, 2021 time period.

Although investigators are continuing to obtain leads and following up on them, the investigators are asking for the public’s help with any information that may be of assistance in the disappearance of the men.

If you have any information, please contact Lt. Bell or Lt. Skapura at 318-263-2215 or by email

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