100 Years Ago – Bienville Gets New Ford Dealership

In 1922, the town of Bienville held a grand opening for the latest Ford dealership in the parish.  It was called the Bienville Motor Co, Inc.  The dealership had not received its first shipment of automobiles, although they expected them to arrive at any moment.  They were, however, fully stocked with a complete line of parts and accessories.  As it is with modern dealerships, the Bienville Motor Co. serviced all types of automobiles. 

Horseless carriages, as they were often referred to, were uncommon in the parish at the time.  They were built one at a time.  It was another decade until Henry Ford began mass production of automobiles on an assembly line which lowered the price at which average people could afford. 

The owners of Bienville Motor Co, Inc. were J.F. Harrison, L.W. DuBose, and W.T. Hays.  Take a look at the 1922 announcement for the opening of the Bienville Motor Co. Inc., and a color advertisement which shows what a 1922 Ford looked like.

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