News Reports and Social Media Posts Led to Rescue of 6 Puppies

(Ada Taylor, La) – Six puppies that had taken up refuge in a drainage pipe in the town of Ada Taylor were rescued yesterday. A deputy from the Bienville Sheriff’s Department contacted the Humane Society of Louisiana (HSLA) several weeks ago, seeking help for a mother dog and her nursing puppies. A former tenant in the 300 block of Pete Lyon Road apparently vacated their rental property and left the mother dog and her puppies behind. Since neither the town of Ada Taylor nor Bienville operate a public shelter, the sheriff’s office contacted the Humane Society. Without a representative in the area, the Humane Society arranged with a dispatcher from the sheriff’s office to feed and water the dogs until they could be rescued.

To form a local rescue team, the Humane Society issued a press release that was carried in the local media. After reading or hearing about the puppies’ plight, several residents visited the site and attempted to capture the puppies, but they remained elusive.

Tiffany Duke, founder of Animal Advocates of Louisiana, also heard about the puppies’ dilemma on social media and offered to help. Tiffany left at 4 am on Sunday, November 20th, and drove five hours to the puppies’ hideout. She located the puppies and designed a way to catch them. Tiffany put food in a kennel she brought with her and tied a string to the door. As the puppy entered the kennel, she pulled the door shut. She trapped two puppies using this method, but the remaining four puppies refused to go near the kennel. Devising a new plan, Tiffany left food in front of the culvert and dangled a slip lead over the top of it. As a puppy appeared to go near the food, Tiffany lowered the lead and caught the remaining puppies. The entire rescue operation took five hours; Tiffany spent an additional five hours driving home.

“We couldn’t be more grateful to Lindsay, who fed the puppies for the past three weeks, and to Tiffany who devoted an entire day to trapping these puppies. This rescue operation points to the critical need to establish a public shelter in Taylor or Bienville parish. It’s an essential program, much like having a fire and police department,” says Jeff Dorson, HSLA Director.

Photos courtesy of HSLA and may be reproduced.

Established in 1988, the Humane Society of Louisiana is one of the largest animal welfare groups in the state. 

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