Arcadia resident videos mayor’s comments (DISCLAIMER: Explicit and vulgar language)

DISCLAIMER: Explicit and vulgar language

A video of the Town of Arcadia Mayor O’Landis Millican has been a constant topic of discussion over the last week especially since Arcadia resident Curtis Brown attended the June regular meeting for the town on June 13 where details of the video were brought to light. Brown questioned the mayor on whether he had intentions of making a public apology over some crude things that were mentioned in the video.  

Brown said, “I would like to know if you are going to offer a public apology for talking about my mother’s genitals, which I have on a recording.” 

Since then, there has been debate over many aspects of the video and the situation in general. Many believe Brown instigated the conflict and deserved the choice of words made by the mayor. While others believe that under no circumstance should an elected official be speaking or treating a resident in that manner.  

This video was recorded by Brown during a visit to the Town Hall on May 19.  

In the full video, you see Millican and can hear a discussion between the two regarding the mayor along with the town of Arcadia being investigated for misuse of Covid-19 funds received in 2021.  

Things escalated rather quickly and ended with the mayor escorting Brown out of the building.  

In the FIRST VIDEO: While walking Brown out of the office, Millican proceeded to say some rather vulgar things pertaining to Brown’s physical appearance and his mother.

First VIDEO: 

DISCLAIMER: Explicit and vulgar language

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