Clerk expands election capabilities in Bienville Parish

Clerk of Court Eddie Holmes finalized the installation of a secure transmission line for elections in the Ringgold Courthouse Annex this week.  Previously, all election results were required to be transmitted from the main office in Arcadia.

“Part of the State’s commitment to secure elections was the installation of dedicated transmission equipment,” Holmes says, “They installed one line at no cost to the parish, which had to be at our main office. Any additional site had to be paid for out of pocket. We are finally able to fund and complete that process.”

With the new site in Ringgold, the clerk hopes to speed up the results reading and transmission process.

“It should help us get done much faster now. Before a courier would be sent to Ringgold and wait on all of the southern precincts to finish close out, collect the bags and drive them to us in Arcadia. Then we could begin the results process,” said Holmes. “Now we can do the whole process on location in Ringgold.”

The gubernatorial race will be the first use of the system. “I’ll probably be in Ringgold myself since it’s the first one. I want to make sure it works.” Holmes laughed, “If all else fails, I can still drive them back to Arcadia. but we know everyone wants the results as soon as possible and we’re trying to make that happen.”

You can early vote at the Registrar of Voter’s Office in Arcadia Courthouse beginning Saturday, September 30th  through October 7th excluding Sunday. Election day is October 14th. Polls open at 7 AM and close at 8 PM.

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