100 Years Ago in Bienville Parish – Sheriff Arrested Fugitive in Danville

Last Wednesday’s “100 Years Ago in Bienville Parish” article entitled “Man Slain By Son at Danville,” described how a son killed his father in Danville.  During the search for the suspect, Sheriff Currie located a whiskey still which altered the course of the investigation.  Click here to read the article “Man Slain By Son at Danville.” 

According to an article in the March 31, 1921 issue of the Bienville Democrat, “Frazier Williams, who on Sunday night, March 20th, shot and killed his father near Danville, was captured Thursday, March 24th, by Sheriff Currie, four days after the crime was committed.  He was arrest at Danville.  

It is to the credit of Sheriff Currie that the [man] was a prisoner and in jail within only four days after his crime was committed, and the he had also obtained a confession from him, and by doing so, eliminated the expense to the taxpayers of Bienville Parish, of a costly trial by a jury, which might have been anywhere from a few hundred to a thousand dollars or more.

It is to the credit of all of our parish officers concerned that justice in this case has not been delayed.  Following the confession, the [man] entered a plea of guilty in open court and was sentenced by Judge Reynold to serve ten years in the penitentiary at hard labor.”

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