Deadly Start to the Summer on Louisiana’s Roads

According to the Louisiana State Police, from June 1st through June 4th, Troopers across the state investigated 10 fatal crashes resulting in 13 deaths. Impairment, distracted driving, and speeding continues to be a contributing factor in these crashes. This week, Troopers have seen multiple lives ended and families heartbroken due to poor decisions made behind the steering wheel of a vehicle.

“As Troopers, we diligently enforce traffic laws, especially hazardous moving violations, that are likely to cause serious injury or death. We know first-hand that impaired driving, not wearing a seat belt, not utilizing proper child restraints, speeding, and distracted driving are major contributing factors in deadly crashes.”

As the school year ends and the summer months begin, you will see an increase of traffic on the roadways. This increase in traffic volume leads to more congested highways. “We ask that motorists remain patient, follow at safe distances, and drive courteously. Exercise safe driving practices for you and your loved ones. Help us by educating those around you about safe and responsible driving practices. As Troopers, we are dedicated to our mission of providing a safe environment for all families. Your safety and the safety of others depend on the choices you make.”

If someone should observe unsafe or impaired drivers, please report them to your nearest Troop by dialing *577 (LSP) from a cell phone or your local law enforcement agency.

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